Opulous offers music copyright NFTs and DeFi loans for musicians and have fans invest in them.
Opulous #ProgressWeek Recap

Last week, we rolled out one major development after the other in a truly energetic week that still has the Opulous team beaming with pride and joy. …

Opulous DeFi Ecosystem

Recently, we introduced you to our upcoming dashboard and the S-NFT claiming process. We also walked you through our upcoming music royalties platform and unfurled our plans for Opulous artwork generative NFTs.

Next, we’d like to share our biggest news yet: we’re going full DeFi in the…

Recently, we introduced you to our upcoming dashboard by teasing our NFT pages and S-NFT claiming process.

Next, we’d like to share some insight on what you should expect from the Royalties page of your Opulous Dashboard.

How it Works

  1. Navigate to the Royalties Page

Once you log in, navigate to the…

It’s been a year since we launched, and artists like Lil Pump, Big Zuu, Kyle, and Tyga are using Opulous to share their music with fans and investors. Through copyright-backed music S-NFTs, anyone can invest in their favorite artists and experience tangible music ownership.

Now, we’re giving our community…

To celebrate the holiday season and show support to the amazing Opulous community, we’re doing a Refer A Friend competition. This is your chance to refer some of your friends to Opulous and win a share of $500 USD in $OPUL tokens.

Referral Competition

This competition is pretty simple. You…


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