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It’s been another huge week at Opulous. Our CEO Lee Parsons has been answering all your burning questions in wall-to-wall AMAs, we’ve been featured by some of the biggest names in the crypto world and the first round of our private sale went live.

Let’s break down some of the big things that’ve happened this week and bring the Opulous community up-to-speed with anything you might’ve missed.

Opulous Mentions & Reviews

Altcoin Daily

We were delighted to see one of YouTube’s biggest crypto channels Altcoin Daily review our upcoming partnership with Binance in one of their latest videos.

Altcoin Daily is more than just…

We’re launching a brand new competition with even more opportunities for the Opulous Community to get exclusive access to our Private Sale.

But there’s more! We’ll also be sending out some exclusive Opulous Swag Packs filled with cool merch.

This competition’s all about Telegram Referrals. Just claim your unique referral link and invite your friends to join the Opulous Telegram Group for the chance to win.

We’ll be giving away $OPUL allocation and prizes to the 6 people with the most successful referrals. And by “successful referral” we mean someone joining our Telegram group directly from YOUR unique link.


We’re delighted to announce our new collaboration with the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem and crypto exchange Binance.

Our collab with Binance is great news for the whole Opulous community. We’re set to create and launch some exclusive music NFT drops with major artists via Binance’s brand new NFT marketplace.

There’ll be plenty of opportunities to get involved with our sales, so if you’re part of our awesome community, you’ll be the first to hear about them. Plus, we’re really looking forward to engaging Binance’s worldwide following and sharing our vision for Opulous with millions of new music and blockchain enthusiasts.

We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes developing the Opulous platform. Our core team consists of blockchain and music industry experts with years of experience working on cutting-edge projects across both of these industries.

So we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves, offer a little more insight into our backgrounds and show you why we’re all so passionate about the Opulous project.

Opulous provides the technology to connect investors and music fans with their favourite artists, as well as enjoy rights and royalties associated with an artists’ copyright through NFT technology, smart contracts and blockchain within a decentralised architecture.

Our development team is hard at work implementing the solutions necessary to make the Opulous vision a reality — and we have plenty of exciting tech updates to share with you.


Opulous music NFTs comprise the sale of embedded, fractionalised right to royalties from music copyright assets, through the associated meta-data of that music copyright.

The following data is unique to each NFT:

Opulous has been a collaborative effort ever since its inception. A blockchain project is only as good as the team around it and we’ve been fortunate enough to attract industry leaders from across the crypto and music industries.

We’re delighted to introduce the first wave of advisors who’ve come on-board to help guide and drive the Opulous platform forward.

Opulous is set to reshape the music industry, introducing DeFi solutions and providing a launchpad for the first split music copyright NFTs.

However, it’s the passion and enthusiasm of the Opulous community that truly gives our platform the power to bring about real change.

Many of you have asked about investing in our private sale, so we’re offering that opportunity to those who spread the word and believe in our vision.

In fact, we’re launching a series of competitions to allocate $5,500 worth of $OPUL tokens.

All you need to do is join and engage with the Opulous community over…

Our vision has always been to develop an all-in-one Decentralized Finance platform for the music industry.

So we’re delighted to announce that our partner platform Bluebox will be integrating with Opulous.

We set out to solve the industry’s biggest problems with blockchain tech, untangle complicated copyrights issues and use DeFi to give artists access to all-new funding opportunities and revenue streams.

Merging the strengths of both companies, we’ll harness our combined knowledge, expert teams and technical infrastructure to create something even bigger and better.

Why Bluebox?

The Bluebox team has spent the past two years developing a innovative platform designed to manage…

Ever since Opulous’s original conception, our developers have been working hard to deliver an MVP as fast as possible.

The team that started working in January has already made great progress, so in our first tech update we wanted to share some more details around the innovative solutions we’ve been building in the run-up to our MVP launch.

What we’re working on

The Opulous application is designed to give Music Copyright Holders the ability to request and receive DeFi loans using their future royalties as collateral.

The platform allows investors to lend capital by staking funds within the Opulous Lending Pools. …

Barely a week passes without news of another artist being offered big bucks for the rights to their back catalogue.

Producer Bob Ross is one of the latest to cash in on the royalties investment craze, selling his rights for Metallica’s Metallica and Michael Bublé’s Call Me Irresponsible, Crazy Love, Christmas and To Be Loved. News of that deal arrived just one week after the sale of the publishing and writer’s share of Shakira’s entire catalogue.

The buyer for both lots was Hipgnosis. Since launching in 2018, the investment company has raised more than $1.6 …


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