Backstage at Opulous: Meet the Team

5 min readMay 13, 2021


We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes developing the Opulous platform. Our core team consists of blockchain and music industry experts with years of experience working on cutting-edge projects across both of these industries.

So we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves, offer a little more insight into our backgrounds and show you why we’re all so passionate about the Opulous project.

Lee Parsons
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Lee is the co-founder of Ditto Music, a music and tech company supporting over 500,00 independent artists across the globe. Some of Ditto’s Artists have included Chance the Rapper, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Royal Blood and Stormzy among other household names.

Over the past 17 years, Ditto has grown into one of the world leading music distribution companies, achieving numerous UK Top 10 and Billboard charting releases as well as branching out into management, label services, publishing and more.

Miles Carroll
Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Miles is an investor, entrepreneur and blockchain enthusiast who built a $15 million company while still at college and sold his web application shortly after graduation.

Miles also became Manager Director of Kosmos Capital, a world-leading investment firm focused on helping blockchain startups scale and integrate their products into enterprises. Miles’ vast knowledge of blockchain technology and global financial markets position him perfectly to lead the daily operational functions of Opulous as our Chief Operating Officer.

Mike Prince
Chief Technology Officer

Mike is a renowned tactical engineer and product management specialist with a passion for blockchain tech, having worked with companies including and Presdo, where he explored applications of blockchain to trust protocols, wrote token contracts derived from Open Zeppelin, and built apps using web3 and a local geth node.

Mike is also personally responsible for the development of the EdSig library to support secure, private, and verifiable communications and has broad and deep understanding of the technologies used to deliver scalable online user experiences.

Mark Fitzgibbon
Chief Strategy Officer

Mark Fitzgibbon is a leading crypto writer, investor and blockchain researcher with more than 20 years of experience in technology. Mark has worked with cutting-edge blockchain projects such as API3 and Minterest Finance, and also works with the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance.

Mark’s varied background and deep understanding of blockchain technology is helping to drive forward the Opulous platform’s crypto-focused solutions for the music industry, introducing innovative plans to incorporate royalty rights into NFTs and deliver DeFi loans backed by real-world assets.

Fernando Cruz
Chief Marketing Officer

Fernando Cruz is a former Ditto Music Business Developer and has supported Opulous and our co-founder Lee Parsons on all major projects.

Working alongside major music and marketing companies for over 10 years, Fernando’s strong connections to the music and entertainment industries are vital to our platform’s onboarding of emerging and established creators from across the globe.

Mark Haldon
Head of Marketing

Mark was previously Marketing Manager at Ditto Music and has years of experience working on music projects across all sectors of the industry

Mark has spear-headed numerous music-centred digital marketing campaigns from planning and strategy to implementation and analysis, within the areas of music distribution, publishing, copyright, IP investment, blockchain technology and more.

Ivam César Costa

Community Manager

Ivam has been in the blockchain space since 2017 and strongly believes that cryptocurrencies are here to make a better world for everyone. In 2020 he became an Algorand Ambassador to help promote their mission of bringing blockchain to the masses.

Alongside his role at Opulous as a bridge between our team and the wider community, Ivam is currently completing his studies in Industrial Design, focussing on user experience.

Clara Lo
Business Operations

Clara Lo is an expert in blockchain business operations and analysis having spent many years working closely with our co-founder Miles Carroll with his technology companies and financial services.

A firm believer in the applications of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology for the music industry and beyond, Clara is responsible for the smooth running and operations of the Opulous team behind the scenes.

Shirlyn Tan
Office Manager

Shirlyn has a background in business development for startups and works closely with our co-founder, Miles Carroll.

When she’s not busy organising schedules and offering support to the Opulous team, Shirlyn is also a musician with over 20 years of experience and the band leader of one of Singapore’s top live bands, Shirlyn + The UnXpected.

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