How to Earn Extra $OPUL on Uniswap (LP Farm)

The OPUL token is available on Uniswap, where you can trade it against USDC. And to incentivize our community to add liquidity to this pair, we are offering 1.35M $OPUL tokens as rewards.

First, you need to go into Uniswap, add the liquidity to the OPUL/USDC pair and get the LP token. Then you go to TokensFarm and stake the LP token to earn extra OPUL.

It may sound a little complicated if this is your first time. To make it easier, we are providing a step-by-step below together with a walkthrough video.

*Please be aware you can only add OPUL LP tokens on TokensFarm via the MetaMask wallet. No other wallets are supported.

Steps to start staking OPUL

1. Go to the OPUL staking page on TokenFarm

Here you will see a link to the Uniswap LP farm:
Add liquidity to get OPUL-USDC LP Tokens

2. Now that you are in the right pool on Uniswap, connect your wallet. Then enter the amount of liquidity you wish to provide to the liquidity pool. Keep in mind that you must provide the same value in USDC as in OPUL.

Click on supply. Once you successfully supplied the liquidity, you will receive the corresponding amount of LP tokens.

3. You can now head back to TokenFarm to start staking the LP token:

First, connect your wallet to TokensFarm (MetaMask only!). Now you can deposit the LP token. Enter the desired amount. Click on stake. When you submit your LP tokens successfully, the staking mechanism goes into action, and your rewards will start accumulating based on the APY.

Where to buy OPUL tokens

We are listed on Kucoin,, Uniswap, and PancakeSwap.



(add the BSC contract address of OPUL: 0x686318000d982bc8dcc1cdcf8ffd22322f0960ed)

How to withdraw your tokens

On Tokens Farm
To withdraw your LP tokens, click on the “Withdraw & Harvest” button and select the amount of LP token you wish to withdraw from the farm.

On Uniswap
To withdraw your USDC/OPUL tokens, visit the Uniswap pool interface, select the USDC/OPUL pool, click on “remove” and enter the amount you wish to remove.

Staking Specifications

TokensFarm has implemented a time-based reward system to further incentivize long-term liquidity providing via a ‘Dynamic bonus pool’. For 54 days, starting on September 28, 2021, 1.35M OPUL tokens will be distributed proportionally to all those who commit liquidity to Uniswap’s OPUL <> USDC LP.

You also need to keep the LP token in the staking farm for 10 days to be able to withdraw your bonus tokens.

The liquidity pool of Uniswap contains the risk for Impermanent Loss. To understand what that means, please read this article.

If you have any additional questions, please drop by our Telegram group, and we’re ready to help you out. Happy Farming!

How To Video

You can also watch this video to see the process in action:

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