How to Stake $OPUL on

The OPUL staking pool on NFTrade gives OPUL holders the opportunity to win special rewards. You can receive exclusive benefits during our S-NFT sales and compete for prizes.

The pool is used during S-NFT campaigns for huge giveaways. During the sale of Mona Lisa for instance, people could win a VIP Trip to Miami to go clubbing with Lil Pimp himself. Next to that, we gave away Early Access to the S-NFT sale of Mona Lisa — which was sold out within 2 hours.

We also use this pool is to do giveaways for the Opulous community. Among the rewards we allocate, is our popular Swag Pack with Opulous merchandise

Let’s set you up to get you some prizes! Staking is easy to do. Here’s everything you need to know.

Get the BSC version of OPUL.
In order to save you from high transaction fees, our pool on NFTrade only accepts BSC type OPUL tokens.

There are multiple ways to get these:

1. Buy OPUL as a BSC version directly on PancakeSwap with BUSD here.

2. Swap the ERC20 type to BSC on Chainport. For a detailed guide on how to do this, read our blog.

3. The exchange offers OPUL withdrawals through the BSC network.

If you have ASA tokens in your wallet, you can also send them to Kucoin or Gate. From there you can deposit the tokens to your MetaMask wallet as an ERC20 type via the Ethereum chain. Then you can convert them to BSC via Chainport (see option 2).

Now that you have the BSC version of OPUL in your MetaMask wallet, let’s head over to NFTrade.

Deposit to the pool.
Staking on NFTrade is very straightforward. You can find our pool here:

1. Connect your MetaMask wallet (make sure it’s set on the BSC chain) and click on Stake.

2. A popup will appear. Here’s where you can enter the amount of OPUL you want to deposit. Now confirm the transaction on MetaMask and your OPUL will be staked.

3. Through staking, you’ll start earning a synthetic token called xOPUL.

You’ll receive one xOPUL every day for each OPUL token you stake. These xOPUL are used to claim a “prize” NFT. Each prize comes with a different amount of xOPUL required to claim.

For example, if you need 2000 xOPUL to claim an NFT prize, you could stake 500 OPUL. Within four days you will have 2000 xOPUL.

How do you claim a prize.
When you have enough xOPUL for the prize you are interested in, you claim that particular NFT type. Select the NFT, connect your wallet and transfer the required amount of xOPUL.

Once the transaction is complete, the process starts to automatically send the NFT to your wallet. You can also find it under My NFTs on

How do you know if you won anything.
We will announce winners of prizes on our Twitter. As we don’t collect your personal details, we will use your wallet address. These posts will include the first and last part of the address of the winning wallet.

Keep on staking.
As you can see, staking OPUL on NFTrade comes with great benefits. We recommend to keep on earning xOPUL. If there is a prize you are interested in, you will have your xOPUL ready. Claim the NFT and who knows… You might win!

If you have any questions on the above, please join our Telegram group. Our support managers and community members are happy to help out. To learn if you won anything, make sure to follow our Twitter account.



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