Opulous Updates: Introducing the Opulous Dashboard

It’s been a year since we launched, and artists like Lil Pump, Big Zuu, Kyle, and Tyga are using Opulous to share their music with fans and investors. Through copyright-backed music S-NFTs, anyone can invest in their favorite artists and experience tangible music ownership.

Now, we’re giving our community a fully functional and user-friendly dashboard to keep track of all your NFT assets and monitor your music royalty payments simultaneously.

How it Works

1. Connect your My Algo Wallet

Opulous Dashboard: Connect Algo Wallet

You’ll need your My Algo wallet details to interact with the Opulous dashboard. If you don’t have one and want to explore our dashboard, you can learn how to create one here: Algorand Wallet Mobile or My Algo Algorand Wallet.

2. Claim your S-NFTs and album artwork NFTs at the same time

Opulous Dashboard: Claim S-NFTs

Once you’ve connected your wallet, you’ll be taken to the claims page, where you can claim your S-NFTs along with any album art NFTs.

3. Our system executes all the Algorand blockchain opt-ins for you

Usually, you would need to opt-in to receive tokens on ASA, but our system does it automatically for you! You don’t need to transfer money from your wallet. Instead, it will transfer all the tokens to your wallet so you can view your assets in your wallet.

4. See all your assets in one place

Opulous Dashboard: View Assets

Next comes the fun part! You’ll be able to check out your entire NFT collection in one place. This includes a detailed description section for your S-NFTs, the amount of NFTs you hold, and all associated NFT album art.

By the way, all your artwork NFTs will also be available in your wallet!

5. View Artist Pages

Opulous Dashboard: View Artist Pages

When you click on the Artist Pages tab, you’ll be greeted with a vibrant and informative page for each artist you invest in. It’s on this page where you’ll see all the copyright details per song, your copyright shares, investment details, and payment information. You’ll also be able to check on your music royalty reports and claim future royalties.

This page also features artist highlights, pictures, and biographies, including some nifty stats on streaming analytics or any updates on major awards each artist may win.

What’s Next?

The Opulous dashboard and all its awesome features will be available this month, and we’re excited to get it out to you!

Over the next few weeks and months, we’ll be rolling out several exciting new features to Opulous users. However, it’s you, our community, who will bring our entire ecosystem to life.

If you’d like to be part of the movement, keep a close eye on all our socials as we announce more big developments — and how you can participate — in the upcoming weeks! (TIP: activate notifications for anything posted by Opulous).

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Opulous offers music copyright NFTs and DeFi loans for musicians and have fans invest in them.

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Opulous offers music copyright NFTs and DeFi loans for musicians and have fans invest in them.

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