Music NFT Sales: Exclusive Benefits for $OPUL Holders

Our first Music NFTs are about to go on sale! We’re kicking things off with Mona Lisa — a brand new track from Lil Pump & Soulja Boy. We’ve also lined up an exclusive NFT sale with KSHMR, so look out for more info on that coming soon.

These NFT sales come with unique benefits for $OPUL holders.

From early access for people staking $OPUL on NFTrade, to the chance to win once-in-a-lifetime fan experiences like VIP trips, invites to secret shows, exclusive artwork and more — we’re prioritising the Opulous community.

Read on to learn how the sales will work and what YOU can do to make the most of them.

Early access for $OPUL holders
Our first Music NFTs will be available on Republic — one the world’s biggest platforms for investment and crowdfunding. Our partnership with Republic means that Opulous is the ONLY company to offer NFTs integrated with SEC-compliant music copyrights.

What’s more, the Opulous community will get access to the sale one hour earlier than everyone else. If you’re an $OPUL holder, you’ll be at the front of the queue.

How do you get early access?
You will need to stake your $OPUL on NFTrade to qualify for early access.

We’ve partnered with NFTrade to create a staking pool for each of our upcoming Music NFT sales. These pools will go live soon. When you’re staking OPUL there, you’ll have a chance to receive an exclusive voucher. And that voucher is your ticket to early access.

There are 500 early access vouchers available. Here’s how to get one.

You’ll receive a synthetic token called xOPUL every day for each OPUL token you stake. When you collect 2000 xOPUL on the NFTrade platform, you can claim a voucher for the sale.

For example, you could stake 500 $OPUL tokens for 4 days to claim your voucher or claim it on the first day by staking 2000 OPUL tokens.

As there are only 500 vouchers on offer, we recommend getting in early — and claiming early.

When will you receive the presale access?
When you collect your voucher token you will see a link in the NFT. This link will lead you to an NFTrade page where you will be able to connect your wallet. Once connected, you will see a unique link to the presale area. Here you can buy the Music NFT one hour before the general public.

Fan Experience NFTs
We’ll also be offering our $OPUL stakers within NFTrade the chance to win exclusive Fan Experiences.

Here’s how it works and what’s up for grabs.

Lil Pump Fan Experience
For our first Music NFT sale, we’re giving away a VIP trip to meet Lil Pump and see him perform live in the US. This will take place in 2022 during Lil Pump’s upcoming tour.

The trip is for 2 people and includes:

- A flight from your area to the city of the show.
- A hotel stay
- A meet and greet with Lil Pump before the show
- Tickets to the show

Once the tour details are confirmed, we’ll be in touch with the winner to arrange the trip.

How to enter the Fan Experience NFT competition
Our Fan Experience NFT competition is easy to enter. Just stake your $OPUL tokens on NFTrade and then claim the Golden Ticket. We’ll select one winner at random.

Staking is done with the BSC version of $OPUL
The staking pools on NFTrade only accept $OPUL tokens that are of the BSC type. This will save you high transaction fees. People that hold the ASA or ERC20 version, will need to swap them to BSC first.

You can buy the BSC type of $OPUL on PancakeSwap with BUSD here.

You can swap the ERC20 type of $OPUL with Chainport.
For a detailed guide on how to do this, read our blog.

We recommend using the MetaMask wallet for all the actions listed here.

How will the NFT sale on Republic work?
You’ll be able to buy our Music NFTs directly from the Republic platform.

As our NFTs are regulated under the securities laws, you will need to go through a KYC identity check and submit your My Algo Wallet address.

To make the whole process easier, you should get your wallet ready ahead of the sale.

We recommend using My Algo Wallet. Here’s a quick guide to setting up your My Algo Wallet:

  1. Go to My Algo.
  2. Click ‘Access My Algo Wallet’.
  3. Create a password of your choice. You will need this password every time you access My Algo from your device.
  4. In the My Algo dashboard, click ‘Create wallet’ in the top-right box.
  5. A list of 25 words will appear. This is your mnemonic phrase.
    - Do not store it on a device connected to the internet.
    - Write it down multiple times and double check everything.
  6. Once written down in a secure place, click ‘Continue’.
  7. Pass a quick confirmation test and click ‘Create wallet’.

That’s it! Now you’re ready to use your new wallet. You can also watch this video to see the process step by step.

Earning Royalty Revenues
As an Opulous Music NFT holder, you will receive a share of the streaming revenues generated by the associated song. All royalty payouts will be handled by Opulous.

These payouts will be made automatically to your wallet every quarter. IN Q1 of 2022, you will be able to check the music data and reports by connecting your My Algo Wallet to the Opulous website.

We’ll soon publish a follow-up article with step by step instructions on exactly how to purchase our Music NFTs on Republic — plus all the NFTrade staking details you’ll need to get involved.

If you have any questions on the above, please join our Telegram group. Our support managers are happy to answer them.


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