NFT investors will receive OPUL tokens on top of their royalty payouts

2 min readNov 17, 2021


We said it before, but… selling out our first NFT in two hours and raising $500.000! What a feat. It’s part of music history now. To mark this occasion, we are going to reward people that believe in our mission and invest in music copyright NFTs. For our first two releases, we will match every royalty statement a full year with the US dollar amount in OPUL tokens.

This means that the people who got their hands on the Mona Lisa NFT will see their future earnings double. An upcoming NFT release will also come with this bonus reward. Let’s take you through the details.

Receiving free OPUL
When you own an Opulous music copyright NFT, you will earn a percentage of the streaming revenues of the song. Every quarter you will receive your share of the earnings in USDC. We will send these to the My Algo Wallet you’ve submitted during the sale.

For the first twelve months, so four times in total, we will match every royalty statement with the US dollar amount in OPUL tokens.

Example: If the revenue payout is $100 and the price of OPUL is $10, you will receive 10 OPUL tokens.

The distribution method of this will be announced soon. Just make sure your My Algo Wallet can receive OPUL tokens. Here’s a guide on that.

Which NFTs are part of this bonus scheme
This bonus reward will be applied to the Mona Lisa NFT and an upcoming one. When the sale of this release is announced, we will include this OPUL bonus scheme as part of the package.

Of course, this NFT sale will come with other additional perks as well… Stay tuned!

This whole week we will be making major announcements. Monday we released the news that Mark Gillespie, manager of Calvin Harris and Will Smith, has joined Opulous as a Senior Advisor. And yesterday, we let the world know that Jump Trading made an investment in Opulous.

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Opulous offers music copyright NFTs and DeFi loans for musicians and have fans invest in them.