OPUL Daily Vesting Guide

4 min readApr 12, 2022


The Opulous team is proud to initiate our new $OPUL daily vesting schedule, beginning today, April 12th. We are transferring this current round of OPUL tokens to the smart contracts over the course of the next 24 hours (at the time of writing) to ensure a fully efficient and reliable process.

If you missed our previous announcement about our new vesting process, we’ve amended the process to re-align participants’ incentives and lead to a more robust and successful Opulous ecosystem.

To avoid any price impacts that our prior distribution schedule could cause, you will now be able to claim your tokens daily, which will increase the overall stability of the $OPUL token.

We’ve made the process easy and intuitive for everyone; all transactions will now be mainstreamed via the Opulous dashboard. Through our platform, you can view any outstanding tokens you are owed, your current claimable amount, how much you’ve already claimed, and finally, the overall vesting schedule. All $OPUL tokens will be released slowly over time.

If you particiapted in the $OPUL raise via DaoMaker, you’ll receive your ERC-20 tokens through your DaoMaker portal instead.

With that being said, we’d like to offer you a quick two-step guide to kick-start your $OPUL claiming process.

STEP 1: Connect your wallet to the Opulous Dashboard

First, you will need to head to our app using this link.

You’ll need a MyAlgo or Pera wallet to interact with the Opulous dashboard. If you don’t have one, you can learn how to create one here: My Algo Wallet or Pera Wallet. Once you complete the opt-ins, our system will automatically read your wallet.

STEP 2: Navigate to the “Vesting” tab

Once you are on the “My Vestings” page, you’ll be able to see the $OPUL amount that you can currently claim, along with other token information like claims history and locked tokens. You’ll only be able to make a claim once you have reached the minimum amount of 10 $OPUL tokens.

Aside from our new daily vesting update, the Opulous dashboard is where you’ll be able to stake your $OPUL tokens with ease, earning special rewards like early access to our NFT sales with major artists, and taking advantage of high APY rates. The OPUL staking pool is currently in the works for a May/June launch.

Current OPUL staking options

We love extending exciting opportunities to our community when you stake OPUL across our compatible exchanges. From early access to our NFT sales to exclusive giveaways, prizes, and high APYs, you never know what kind of rewards you might be able to claim by staking OPUL.

Discover how you can get started today: read our blog.

When you sign up with one of our staking pools, you get to earn passive income from your OPUL tokens. Check out some of the current OPUL single asset and liquidity pools:

Single Asset Staking


Current Variable Reward: 19.37% APY

Available Rewards: 65,000 OPUL

Duration: 2 months

No Lockup

Link: https://app.algofi.org/stake


Reward: 30% APY

Pool Size: 5M OPUL

Lockup: 90 days

Link: www.bit.ly/Huobi_Staking

Liquidity Pools


Current Variable Reward: 71%


No Lockup

Link: https://app.algofi.org/farm


Current Variable Reward: 148%+ APY



No Lockup

Link: https://app.pact.fi/pools

Staking aside, we’re still buzzing over our amazing week of press coverage! From CoinTelegraph to CoinQuora, check out how Opulous has been making waves!

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