OPUL Token Exchange Options

6 min readSep 23, 2021

We are proud to highlight the multiple crypto exchanges that $OPUL token is currently listed on. Among these are industry heavyweights Kucoin, Gate.io, Uniswap, and PancakeSwap.

OPUL Token ($OPUL) is a dual-blockchain token based on Algorand and Ethereum. It is also available in its bridged version on Zilliqa and Binance Smart Chain. OPUL grants all our platform users early access to our MFT sales, discounts on transaction fees within our upcoming exchange, and high APYs in a variety of DeFi pools.

Read on to discover more about all the exchanges OPUL is listed on, as well as their direct links to get you started trading.

CoinEx is a well-known one-stop shop exchange in the crypto industry, offering access to a wide array of stablecoins. The exchange features spot and perpetual markets, as well as margin trading, with low fees and excellent security.

Trading Pair: OPUL/USDT

Buy OPUL now via CoinEx

BitMart exchange is a top-tier trading platform for exchanging, buying, and selling digital assets. It currently boasts over 5 million users worldwide and is in the top ten exchange according to CoinMarketCap. BitMart operates in 180 countries and across 123 platforms.

Trading Pair: OPUL/USDT

Buy OPUL now via BitMart

Committed to environmentally sound innovation and product development, Pact fully endorses Algorand’s emissions initiatives towards a carbon-negative approach. By building on the Algorand network, Pact is proudly contributing to a greener blockchain future.

Buy OPUL now via Pact

Algofi is Algorand’s first ever lending platform. Algofi facilitates borrowing and lending, while providing an Algorand-native stable coin known as STBL.

Algofi went live on the Algorand mainnet on December 17th, 2021, raising over $2.8 million USD before launch. The platform received major financial backing from Arrington XRP Capital, Union Square Ventures, and others. It was founded by Owen Colegrove & John Clarke.

Chain: Algorand (ASA)

Buy OPUL now via Algofi

Kucoin is one of the world’s biggest centralized exchanges. You can sign up there quickly without having to do KYC. Trading OPUL will happen against the USDT stablecoin.

Kucoin supports both the Algorand and Ethereum chain. This means that you can deposit and withdraw OPUL as an ASA and ERC-20 token.

Trading pair: OPUL/USDT

Chains: Algorand (ASA), Etherium (ERC20)

Buy OPUL now via Kucoin

Another respected exchange is Gate.io. We are delighted to announce that they will add OPUL to their offering. You can trade OPUL there against the USDT stablecoin and Ethereum.

Chains: Algorand (ASA), Etherium (ERC20) and Binance Smart Contract (BSC)

Trading Pairs: OPUL/USDT: Buy now OPUL/ETH: Buy now

The biggest decentralized exchange, Uniswap, is built on the Ethereum chain.

Chain: Etherium (ERC20)

Trading Pair:OPUL/USDC

Buy OPUL now via UniSwap

PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange that runs on Binance Smart Chain. This means that you can trade the BSC OPUL there against BUSD.

We released OPUL as an ASA and ERC-20 token. If you want to trade your ERC20 OPUL tokens on PancakeSwap, make sure to convert them to BSC first. The ERC-20 type can be bridged by using a service such as Chainport.

The contract address for the BSC OPUL token: 0x686318000d982bc8dcc1cdcf8ffd22322f0960ed

By proving liquidity for this trading pair, you can earn more OPUL. Read more about this form of staking here.

Trading Pair: OPUL/BSC

Chains: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Buy OPUL now via PancakeSwap

MEXC Global was founded in 2017 and is considered to be one of the most reputable exchanges in crypto.

Trading Pair: OPUL/USDT

Chains: Algorand (ASA) and Etherium (ERC20)

Buy OPUL now via MEXC Gloabl

LATOKEN is a fast-rising crypto exchange for new tokens. Other than crypto trading, qualified users can qualify for token pre-sales and crowd sales. The exchange also offers STOs (Security Token Offerings). Currently, LATOKEN boasts a $300m+ daily turnover with more than 1,500,000 registered traders.

Trading Pair: OPUL/USDT

Buy OPUL now via LATOKEN

Hotbit exchange is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, established in 2018, and it offers advanced features, a mobile app, and an intuitive user interface. This exchange has partnered with some popular blockchain tech platforms like Spark Pool, Mytoken, F2pool, HashQuark, and Slow Mist to offer a secure, stable, and feature-rich trading environment for traders and investors. The cryptocurrency trading platform has gained more than 7 million active users from over 170 countries.

Trading Pair: USDT/OPUL

Buy OPUL now via HotBit

Tinyman is a DEX built for all tokens on the Algorand blockchain. It has provided a means for liquidity pools to be formed between Algorand and other ASAs, and between the ASAs themselves.

The platform allows users to trade tokens that aren’t listed on exchanges. Additionally, users and developers have the option to form their own LPs for token pairs that previously did not exist. The platform provides these features with the additional benefit of a secure, cheap, and fast protocol because of Algorand’s underlying technology.

Trading Pair: OPUL/ALGO

Chain: Algorand

Buy OPUL now via Tinyman

AscendEX is a platform for investors of all experience levels. The exchange offers user-friendly crypto solutions that help users invest and trade confidently. The platform has seen over 150B in accumulated trading volume and over 1M users. Its current team has over a century of combined wall street experience.

Trading Pair: OPUL/USDT

Buy OPUL now via AscendEX

XCAD network provides DeFi solutions to content creators with a custom-built economy that comes with its own marketplace. The network’s mission is to bring creators closer to their fans by taking advantage of DeFi tools like unique collectible NFTs.

Its service also provides tokens that fans can use to participate in influencer content, specifically when the XCAD extension is installed on computer browsers and used while watching YouTube videos.

Chain: Zilliqa

Buy OPUL now via XCAD Network

Mercado Bitcoin is one of Latin America’s largest exchanges and alternative asset investment platforms. It was founded in 2013 by Gustavo Chamati and Mauricio Chamati and is headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The exchange has seen over 2 million registered customers actively trading cryptocurrency, digital assets, and other tokens.

The company provides access to alternative investments through tokenized assets, such as high-yield public and private debt, FuteCoin, and carbon credits.

Buy OPUL now on Mercado Bitcoin

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