Opulous Accelerates Growth with Nick Pelecanos as Chief Financial Officer

3 min readJan 31, 2023

Opulous are proud to announce the appointment of Nick Pelecanos, our new Chief Financial Officer.

Nick brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the role, having worked in the financial services industry at executive levels for over five years. In his new role, Nick will unleash his expertise and drive Opulous’ operations to new heights by adding new market-making strategies, improving liquidity, and expanding our exchange listings.

At Opulous, our primary focus for 2023 is to continue our building and growth efforts. We believe this is the year to take our platform to the next level and provide greater opportunities for artists and community. With our highly skilled team, we’re confident that we can achieve our goals and bring new and exciting products to the market. As we move into the rollout of Phase 3 of our full ecosystem launch, expect plenty of surprises and exciting developments. We’re assembling our all-star team as we march towards launching the number one platform in music and finance!

Let’s dig deeper and discover more about Nick and what he will be doing to accelerate growth at Opulous further!

Introducing Nick Pelecanos

With a passion for finance and a drive for innovation, Nick has a proven track record of success in leading organizations to new heights. He has held various leadership positions throughout his career, notably as Head of Trading at NEM Group, where he oversaw a +$1billion treasury, and as Chief Financial Officer at DAO Maker, where he was responsible for the launch & trading strategy of over 50 projects, including Opulous.

Nick Pelecanos is a seasoned professional with a deep understanding of the trading and investment landscape. With his extensive experience and network, Nick is well-equipped to take Opulous to new levels of growth and success. We are thrilled to have him on board and know that his contributions will be invaluable in helping us to achieve our goals for 2023 and beyond!

With the appointment of Nick Pelecanos as Chief Financial Officer, we can anticipate his focus on the following responsibilities:

Adding New Market-Making Strategies

Nick will lead the effort to implement new market-making strategies that will increase the liquidity of Opulous on trading platforms. He will work closely with the company’s existing market makers to ensure they meet the company’s standards and will look for new market-making strategies that will provide additional depth and breadth to our platform.

Improving Liquidity

Nick’s experience in financial services and his deep understanding of trading operations will help him to improve the liquidity of Opulous’s platform. Nick will also be responsible for developing and implementing new trading strategies for Opulous. He will analyze market trends to create innovative trading solutions that will help Opulous remain ahead of the curve while ensuring that the company’s trading systems are efficient and can handle market demands.

Expanding Exchange Listings

Finally, Nick will lead the effort to expand Opulous’s exchange listings. He will work to bring Opulous to new exchanges, providing even more trade opportunities. This will also help Opulous to increase its reach and expand its customer base.

Here are a few words from Nick about joining Opulous:

“Opulous has always been one of my favorite projects, the innovation and drive to empower musicians and particiaptors make it a truly unique proposition. I am thrilled to join the team at Opulous and be a part of a company that is shaping the future of the music industry.”

2023 is the year of growth!

Nick Pelecanos’s appointment as Chief Financial Officer at Opulous is a significant step forward for Opulous. His expertise, experience, and knowledge of the financial services industry will help us to continue growth and success. With Nick at the helm, we can expect to see more innovative trading solutions, improved liquidity, and increased exchange listings from Opulous. Here’s to an exciting year ahead!

This is only the beginning of our roll-out as we move into Phase 3 of our full ecosystem launch. Stay tuned for further exciting announcements, and follow us on all platforms for exclusive updates and to be informed of all our developments:

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