Opulous AI: The First AI Platform to Analyze the Performance of Real-World Assets.

4 min readMar 6, 2024

Opulous.AI is one of the first financial AI tools for the $27 billion global music industry.

Opulous AI introduces is a game-changing tool for Artists, Labels, and OPUL holders to predict future royalties on platforms across all digital stores, including Spotify and Apple Music.

By streamlining the analysis of extensive data sets based on an AI-trained algorithm, Opulous AI powers transparent financial decisions for artists, labels, investment banks, and, of course, OPUL holders. Join the waiting list at opulous.ai and be among the first to harness the power of Opulous.AI.

Opulous AI will launch as a fremium model for OPUL holders and a paid model via subscriptions. A percentage of this will be used to buy the OPUL token from the market and lock it permanently.

First Glimpse of Opulous AI

Disclaimer: The numbers in the image above are estimates for illustrative purposes only. More accurate statistics will be available upon the launch of Opulous AI.

Opulous AI enables you to search any artist’s song and, utilizing an AI algorithm, generates a future royalty prediction across all streaming platforms, leveraging its current performance on Spotify.

You can choose a valuation period ranging from 1 to 10 years, crucial for artists negotiating deals and for labels, VC funds, and banks acquiring music catalogs.

Music Advance Calculator

Disclaimer: The numbers in the image above are estimates for illustrative purposes only. More accurate statistics will be available upon the launch of Opulous AI.

Opulous AI allows you to calculate an advance structure for each song based on different rates pre- and post-recoup. This tool is indispensable for artists and labels and assists OPUL holders in securing advances supported by their liquid staking OVAULT tokens.

Why is Opulous AI important?

Companies such as Hypgnosis Songs, Sony Music, and thousands of other music companies rely on large teams of people to assess data and often overpay for music catalogs.

Musicians lack the proper tools to evaluate their deals. Opulous AI provides predictive streaming royalties based on an algorithmic dataset, enabling anyone to input details of past and upcoming releases and accurately predict 10-year earnings.

Who will use Opulous AI?

Opulous.AI has partnered with Ditto Music, a leading music distribution company with over 1.3 million artists. Renowned for its work with artists like Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, and Chance the Rapper, Ditto Music’s collaboration amplifies Opulous AI’s potential.

Opulous AI will empower labels and stakeholders to make informed decisions regarding artist signings and song selections. Moreover, MFT Holders can assess their MFTs’ performance and determine which ones to engage with.

With OPUL as a core component, imagine the transformative impact of thousands of artists, labels, and industry stakeholders leveraging this cutting-edge tool.

OPUL is essential

Over the next few months, the Opulous ecosystem will continue to evolve and expand as we unveil exciting new features:

OPUL Staking: We will launch OPUL Staking on our Arbitrum platform in the upcoming weeks. Users can stake their OPUL Tokens to earn competitive APY and Opulous Tickets.

Opulous Tickets: Essential for accessing innovative products within our ecosystem, Opulous Tickets will be obtained exclusively through OPUL Staking on our platform. Users can also earn tickets by completing tasks such as inviting friends, participating in the spin & win, and following us on social platforms.

MFT Airdrops: Introducing one of the initial use cases for Opulous Tickets—our new free MFT Airdrops. Users will stake OPUL and use Opulous Tickets to apply for free Airdrops featuring renowned artists from our roster. Stay tuned as we announce new artists joining Opulous in the coming weeks.

OVAULT Upgrades: Another use case for Opulous Tickets will be showcased in our latest upgrades on OVAULT. Users can stake OPUL to earn Opulous Tickets, then apply during the unstaking process to prioritize their position in the unstaking queue.

Opulous AI: Opulous Tickets will be used to offer early access to the Opulous AI BETA.

As always, our OPUL community comes first, and exciting times lie ahead!

Bridging your OPUL to Arbitrum will prepare you for thrilling updates and product launches in the weeks and months ahead. Bridge here.

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