Opulous Announces Exclusive Free MFT Airdrop Featuring Everlife, Including Iconic Disney Recordings

4 min readMar 27, 2024


Opulous has partnered with the iconic sister rock band Everlife for an upcoming free MFT Airdrop.

The ‘Everlife Collection’ MFT offers holders the chance to earn from nineteen of their amazing recordings, including tracks featured in Disney TV programs such as Hannah Montana and That’s So Raven, as well as Disney movies like Bridge To Terabithia, The Wild, and Leroy & Stitch.

MFT holders earn from these evergreen tracks whenever they’re played in TV Shows or movies streamed on Disney Plus, as well as on Spotify or Apple Music.

Holding and staking OPUL on our Arbitrum platform will be essential for applying for this upcoming free MFT Airdrop, and it will be available in an upcoming update. Learn more about OPUL and how to buy here.

Discover Everlife, their involvement with Disney, and the upcoming free MFT Airdrop in this blog.

Introducing Everlife

Combining sweet pop hooks and harmonies with an anthemic rock edge, Everlife consists of the Ross sisters: vocalists/guitarists Amber and Sarah and lead vocalist Julia.

Raised in Indiana, PA, the sisters began playing in 1998 when the youngest sibling, Julia, was only eight years old. Inspired by teen pop stars and rock bands like U2 and Switchfoot, the girls honed their musical skills and relocated to Nashville, TN, in 2003. The following year, they released their debut album on Tovah Records, along with the single “Evidence.”

Their energetic yet wholesome sound caught Disney’s attention, leading to the inclusion of Everlife songs on Radio Disney and albums like Disneymania, Vol. 3, Girlz Rock, and Radio Disney Jams, Vol. 7. In early 2006, the Ross sisters signed with the Disney imprint Hollywood Records, releasing their second, self-titled album and single “I Could Get Used to This” in 2007.

Since then, the band has continued to release music and tour globally. Julia Ross has become an accomplished songwriter in her own right and has already partnered with Opulous for hits, including BTS and more; you can read more about this here.

It’s important to note the band’s cult following, which has been supporting them for nearly 20 years, a testament to their longevity and widespread acclaim.

Now, let’s delve into some of the tracks featured in our upcoming Everlife collection free MFT Airdrop.

Catalog Highlights

Opulous has obtained rights to nineteen recordings from Everlife’s Catalog, including popular hits featured in Disney programs and films:

  • ‘Find Yourself In You’ appeared in the ‘Hannah Montana’ TV series (2006) and ‘Hannah Montana — The Collection’ compilation album (2006).
  • ‘I Can See Clearly Now’ was featured in ‘That’s So Raven Too!’ TV series (2006).
  • ‘Real Wild Child’ was used in the film ‘The Wild’ (2006).
  • ‘Look Through My Eyes’ was part of the film ‘Bridge To Terabithia’ (2007).
  • ‘Don’t Be Cruel’ appeared in the film ‘Leroy & Stitch’ (2006).
  • ‘Strangers Like Me’ was included in the compilation album ‘Disneymania 3’ (2005).
  • ‘Look Through My Eyes’ was also featured in the compilation album ‘Disneymania 4’ (2006).
  • ‘Reflection’ appeared in the compilation album ‘Disneymania 5’ (2007).
  • ‘Go Figure’ was part of the compilation album ‘The Very Best Of Disney Channel’ (2007).

These tracks have been streamed on Spotify over six million times, showcasing the band’s dedicated following since the early 2000s.

MFT Holders Earn Rewards

Opulous has secured the master rights to nineteen tracks from Everlife. These rights encompass earnings generated from streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, and also royalties from the plays via the TV shows or movies on Disney+ that feature the recordings.

The revenue generated from these sources will contribute to the rewards available to MFT holders, which are distributed at the beginning of each quarter.

Stake OPUL and Apply For MFT Airdrop

The Everlife Collection MFT will be available to apply exclusively to OPUL holders as our first in a series of free MFT Airdrops. The only way to gain access will be to stake OPUL on our platform, and apply using Opulous Tickets, which will be available soon in an upcoming update.

Buy OPUL here and bridge OPUL to Arbtrium here to be legible for the upcoming MFT Airdrops.

You can learn more about buying OPUL and bridging via our help center here.

Join our X Spaces Everlife AMA

We’re thrilled to announce that Everlife will participate in an exclusive X Spaces AMA on Thursday, March 28th, at 3 PM CT / 8 PM UTC.

This will be your opportunity to hear from the band, learn more about their music and journey, and get the latest updates from the team about the future of OPUL. Set your reminder here, and don’t miss out!

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