Opulous Announces New Updates on OPUL Token Following Integration with Arbitrum

3 min readDec 14, 2023

We are excited to present some exciting updates on the OPUL token following our integration with Arbitrum!

It’s official: we are launching our real-world asset-backed DeFi products on Arbitrum.

Very soon, we will introduce our brand new platform, Opulous Finance, including the launch of our OLOAN and OVAULT pools.

As a key to accessing the Opulous ecosystem, this blog will provide a quick overview of new updates for OPUL that you can expect imminently.

OPUL To Arbitrum Bridge

Beginning Friday, December 15th, you can bridge your tokens to Arbitrum via our trusted partner, Messina Bridge. This service supports OPUL transfers from Algorand, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain.

We will offer guides to assist you in seamlessly bridging your OPUL tokens, preparing you to engage in new opportunities on Arbitrum.

OPUL Exchange Listings

We will list the OPUL token on various new exchanges, with the first being our preferred Arbitrum exchange, Trader Joe!

OPUL token and a launch pairs pool will launch exclusively with Trade Joe, a decentralized exchange, on Tuesday, December 19th. Trader Joe users can trade and utilize OPUL on Arbitrum before anyone else.

But there’s more! Starting Wednesday, December 20th, we will announce with our centralized and decentralized exchange partners offering the Arbitrum OPUL token.

Over the coming weeks, these partnerships aim to enable seamless acquisition and use of the token on the chain, ensuring easy access to OPUL on Arbitrum.

OPUL Token Utility

Following the launch of Opulous Finance V1 in early January 2024, we will introduce Opulous Finance V2.

This integration will prioritize the OPUL holders to stake and withdraw from our liquid staking pools, enabling faster liquidation and access to rewards.

This adds significant value to holding OPUL tokens and encourages greater community engagement with the platform.

For detailed information about this upcoming feature, please visit our blog and be sure to get your tokens ready for Opulous Finance V2!

The future is Arbitrum!

Joining Arbitrum will provide new opportunities for OPUL holders, and you’ll need OPUL to participate in our ecosystem.

So don’t miss out on your opportunity to move your tokens, secure more, and use your OPUL in our ecosystem as we launch Opulous Finance V2.

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