Opulous Announces OVAULT as Phase 4 of Ecosystem Launch: Over 300 Titles Added

6 min readAug 16, 2023


We’re thrilled to announce that Phase 4 of our full ecosystem launch is OVAULT, with over 300 titles added!

OVault is a unique Music Fungible Token (MFT) that grants access to music collections from top streaming catalogs within a single token.

Handpicked by our expert music specialists, OVault ensures consistent rewards for token holders, led by Jay Moore, our Chief Investment Officer with a previous track record in multi-billion dollar acquisitions at Kobalt.

With over 300 titles released over multiple decades, including highly successful and evergreen returns, this is your new access to the music industry, letting you leverage your crypto by sharing in the success of one of the most stable assets, music. Real assets, stable rewards.

Holding OPUL will be crucial for participating in the OVAULT MFT sale. You will need OPUL to stake for early access and to purchase OVAULT. Learn how to buy OPUL in our super-easy step-by-step guide here.

You can Apply for early access right now via Raffles, and the official launch on November 7th, 2023!

This innovative new product has garnered much anticipation, and we can’t wait to share it with our incredible community. In this blog, we’ll dive deep into key features, catalog details, acquiring OVAULT, rewards distribution, how to get early access, and more.

Let’s take a deep dive into OVAULT and give you all the info you need!

Key Features

Let’s explore some of the exciting features of OVAULT:

  • Access to Top Streaming Music Catalogs: With OVAULT, token holders can dive into a diverse music collection from various artists and genres within one token.
  • Consistent Rewards: OVAULT holders enjoy reliable rewards based on the streaming success of the songs in the carefully curated catalogs.
  • Music Fungible Tokens (MFTs): MFTs empower music fans to benefit from the success of the music they support directly. Holders receive rewards based on the success of the songs or albums they hold.
  • Expert Curation: Our music specialists at Opulous handpick the music catalogs in OVAULT.

Let’s take a look at what’s in store for you with OVault!

Current Catalog

OVault currently participates in three catalogs comprising music publishing and master revenue. Together, these catalogs encompass over 300 titles released across multiple decades.

Discover some of the amazing catalog additions from Sheila E and Wailing Souls.

Notable achievements include two RIAA-certified Gold albums, three Top 100 albums in the US, three Grammy-nominated albums, three Top 100 singles in the US and UK, and one Top 10 single in the US.

These catalogs consistently generate evergreen and stable returns. Currently, the APY projection for OVault stands at around 9%.

In the upcoming weeks, we’re ramping up the marketing for OVault with educational and promotional content. Plus we’ll be announcing the artists featured in this amazing catalog!


Early access to the sale is exclusively available to those who join the OPUL Staking Pool, generate raffle tickets, and apply for OVault Early Access via Raffles.

The first OVault MFT sale will take place on our MFT platform. As usual, there will be one week for pre-sale, then the following week for general sale. Once the general sale closes, we will distribute the OVAULT tokens to those who participated in the sale.

After that, the only way to acquire OVAULT in the future will be in future OVAULT sales or via our upcoming Opulous exchange.

OPUL plays a central role in the Opulous ecosystem and is crucial for OVAULT. Continue reading to explore further details!

Rewards Distribution

OVault holders can see how the different catalogs are performing via the Analytics section of the Opulous Dashboard.

Key insights into each streaming platform will detail how revenue is generated across each platform, etc. OVault rewards are then distributed quarterly to your wallet like our other MFTs.

Here’s how the reward distribution works:

  • Revenue Collection: Opulous collects the revenue generated from the songs in the catalogs every quarter.
  • Holding Rewards in USDC: To ensure stability and avoid market fluctuations, the collected revenue is held in USDC.
  • Distribution to Smart Contract: The USDC rewards are distributed to a smart contract, allowing OVAULT token holders to claim their share.
  • Conversion to OPUL upon Claiming: When users claim their rewards, the USDC balance in the smart contract is converted into OPUL tokens and transferred to them

Meaning that more OPUL will be bought off the market, increasing the demand for OPUL.

Are you ready to secure your place in the OVAULT MFT sale? Find out how!

Apply for OVAULT Early Access via Raffles

We’re thrilled to announce that early access passes to the OVault MFT sale will be available through our Raffles!

To participate, join the OPUL Staking Pool, earn raffle tickets, and apply for early access passes. The more OPUL you stake, the more tickets you’ll get for a better chance to win.

Raffles are live right now. Don’t miss out and join here.

We understand there’s much to take in right now, and you may have many questions. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

Q: What is OVault, and how does it work?

A: OVault is a unique and innovative Music Fungible Token (MFT) that grants access to an entire music collection from top streaming catalogs within a single token. By holding Ovault, you can explore a wide range of music while enjoying consistent rewards based on the streaming success of the songs in the curated catalogs.

Q: What is an MFT?

A: MFTs allow music fans to benefit directly from the success of the music they’ve supported! MFT holders receive rewards based on how successful that song or album becomes.

Q: How are the music catalogs in OVault selected?

A: The music catalogs in Ovault are expertly curated by a team of music specialists at Opulous, who handpick songs with proven streaming success, ensuring a high-quality and engaging experience for token holders.

Q: What kind of rewards can OVault holders expect?

A: As an Ovault holder, you can enjoy consistent rewards based on the streaming success of the songs in the curated catalogs.

Q: How are OVault rewards calculated and distributed?

A: Opulous collects song revenue quarterly, holds rewards in stable USDC, distributes them to a smart contract, and converts them to OPUL tokens upon user claiming.

Q: How can I acquire OVAULT tokens?

A: You can acquire Ovault tokens during the initial MFT sale or through the Opulous Exchange once it is launched. Once you own Ovault tokens, you can stake them on the platform to unlock access to the music collection and start enjoying rewards.

Q: How is OPUL relevant to OVAULT, and what utility will it bring?

A: OPUL will play a vital role in the OVAULT ecosystem. It will be used for purchasing OVault tokens from the MFT Platform, providing access to curated music catalogs. Additionally, OPUL will be used as payment for claiming rewards, creating a seamless and rewarding experience for our community of token holders.

Q: Is the supply of OVAULT unlimited, or is it limited?

A: We’ll be conducting multiple MFT sales for OVault. As we add more catalogs to OVault, we’ll introduce more tokens to the supply and offer them for sale on the MFT Platform. The supply will expand in line with the growth of our curated catalogs.

Q: What maintains Ovault price stability?

A: Opulous selects only stable songs for its catalogs, ensuring that the rewards remain steady. For example, if there is a sell-off of Ovault tokens causing its price to decline, the music rewards generated per token would proportionally increase. This attracts more buyers and helps maintain price stability.

Q: What fees does Opulous collect?

A: Opulous collects a 2% administration fee. The fee is deducted from the quarterly rewards distributions.

If you’re as excited about OVault as we are or if you have any more questions about OVAULT, feel free to reach out to us on our Telegram or social media channels:

Twitter: www.twitter.com/opulousapp/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/opulousapp/

Telegram: www.t.me/opulousapp

Reddit: www.reddit.com/r/Opulous

YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/Opulousapp

Stay tuned for more updates, and join us on this amazing journey! 🚀




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