Opulous Announces Partnership with PolyTrade, the World’s Leading RWA Marketplace

2 min readFeb 28, 2024

We are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with PolyTrade, which marks a significant milestone in advancing the awareness of Opulous and our real-world asset-backed products.

PolyTrade stands as the world’s foremost marketplace for real-world assets, offering solutions for discovery, tokenization, and liquidity. Its comprehensive platform addresses the critical demand for real-world assets by providing a unified solution to participate in various offerings.

For those new to Opulous, we are tokenizing the $28 billion yearly revenue global music industry.

Through groundbreaking music products backed by real-world assets, we empower fans to support and earn alongside their favorite artists. Opulous redefines the existing financial model while strengthening the bond between artists and fans, fostering a more equitable and supportive music economy.

Let’s delve into how our strategic partnership with PolyTrade will unfold!

Listing OVAULT

Opulous’s flagship product featured on PolyTrade will be OVAULT.

OVAULT offers stable, low-volatility participation in music earnings with USDC, providing a 10% annual return from music catalog revenues. Its diverse portfolio includes top artists like BTS, Prince, and Mariah Carey, accessible via flexible liquid staking.

Be sure to join the next round for OVAULT, opening in the coming weeks by joining our platform and completing KYC here.

Opulous will collaborate closely with PolyTrade to offer OVAULT as a primary destination for secondary trading. This initiative will enable OVAULT holders to secure liquidity for their assets when required. After the platform's official launch, OVAULT will be listed on PolyTrade in April. You can apply for beta access here.

Building Awareness

The listing of OVAULT on the PolyTrade platform will place it alongside other major real-world assets such as real estate, equity, metals, and even Pokémon cards. With OVAULT’s focus on generating rewards from music earnings, PolyTrade users can diversify their portfolios with music, one of the fastest-growing real-world assets.

Exciting Marketing Collaborations

Opulous will take center stage in upcoming marketing campaigns, which Polytrade will soon announce. These initiatives will introduce Opulous and provide thousands of users across real-world asset communities the opportunity to earn some OPUL on Arbitrum.

We have an exciting future ahead!

Get ready for a thrilling journey as we introduce Opulous and OVAULT to the PolyTrade community and its existing partners. The PolyTrade platform is slated to go live in April 2024, providing our users with the opportunity to trade OVAULT on the secondary market.

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