Opulous Artist Roundup: Get Ready for Our Upcoming MFT Drops

7 min readMar 29, 2023

It has been an amazing two months of artist announcements as we accelerate toward Phase 3 of our platform launch!

We have a series of unmissable MFT drops on the way, featuring artists from all over the world, representing various music genres and creating new opportunities for our community to participate in the music industry in innovative ways.

Each artist will promote their MFT drop and our platform, showcasing the network effect that comes with every new MFT drop, introducing Opulous to millions of potential new users. With a combined audience of over 100 million followers on social media alone, we’re excited to get our platform launched finally and each MFT drop promoted to each artist’s fanbases.

It’s important to note that the only form of payment for MFTs when our platform launches will be OPUL. The Opulous community always comes first. You can already stake OPUL in the OPUL Staking Pool to accumulate tickets and apply for early access via our Raffles. By holding OPUL, you already have a head start in front of everyone else.

We anticipate that our upcoming MFT drops will be highly exclusive, so holding OPUL and staking will help you secure your spot early. Don’t miss out!

As we have some of our biggest MFT drops on the way, it’s about to get very exciting for our amazing community. Let’s take another look at the incredible artists dropping MFTs with Opulous!

Grammy-nominated global superstar Tyga is one of the most successful artists in the industry, with a combined audience of over 120 million and over 5 billion streams and views. The team at Opulous has already listened to the upcoming track, which sounds amazing. You won’t want to miss out on this MFT drop! Watch for more information about Tyga’s MFT drop on Opulous.

Lalo Ebratt is a Grammy-nominated Latin superstar with a huge audience of over 10 million fans. The Colombian has over 3.5 billion plays on music platforms to date and incredible collaborations with top-tier artists such as J Balvin and David Guetta. We’re excited to announce that the Opulous community will have the opportunity to participate in his next hit via our upcoming MFT drop. You can start listening to his music on Spotify here!

Blaq Jerzee is a renowned Nigerian hit-maker known for producing for numerous African A-List artists like Wizkid as well as more recently releasing his own music to much success, gaining over a million dedicated fans and over 50 million plays on his tracks across streaming platforms.

We’re thrilled to announce that the upcoming MFT drop on Opulous will feature two albums by Blaq Jerzee. One of the albums, Lost Files, was recently released and has over 30 million streams on Spotify. Lost Files features huge artist collaborations such as Tiwa Savage, Tekno, Mr Eazi, and more. We anticipate this MFT drop to be very enticing, so don’t miss out on your chance to participate in this exciting opportunity!

Check out the album and let us know your favorite track!

Yera, a certified Grammy-nominated hit-making machine, has nearly 1 billion plays on his music across streaming platforms. With over 2.3 million monthly listeners on Spotify and over three hundred thousand fans across his social media channels, the Colombian has built a huge dedicated fanbase.

Our upcoming MFT drop will feature two of Yera’s upcoming unreleased tracks, this will be your opportunity to participate in Yera’s music; we can’t wait to share more!

Get a taste of his amazing music here.

Known as one of the best UK drill artists, Nito NB has built a cult fan base of over 1 million, boasting over 165 million plays of his music across platforms, and over 100 thousand followers on Instagram. The Opulous community now has the chance to participate in his latest album ‘Fashionably Late’, which has already surpassed over 5 million streams on Spotify alone, where he has over 900k monthly listeners. We can’t wait for this MFT drop!

Kadeem Tyrell is a rising star in the UK, known for making amazing R&B and soul music! Over the past year, he has experienced huge exponential growth, with a five times increase in monthly listeners and a six times increase in daily streams since February 2022. His upcoming MFT drop will enable the Opulous community the chance to participate in his next 3 tracks.

See why everyone is excited and get a taste of his music here. This will be your chance to join his journey early and be a part of his success!

NAVY is a Dominican multi-talented sensation who makes an amazing mix of soul, hip-hop, R&B, funk, and reggae. With music played over 25 million times across platforms, NAVY has over 50 thousand loyal followers on social media and over 150 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify. This will be your opportunity to participate in three tracks, with two already released on well over 10 million streams collectively. Get a taste of her amazing music here!

MANIK MC is a multi-talented rapper making huge waves in UK hip-hop music. We have already seen widespread acclaim from rappers like Stormzy and his own COLOURS session. Furthermore, MANIK MC has achieved great success with over 27 million plays and over 30 thousand followers across platforms, and 225 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify alone.

Check out one of our favorite tracks by him, ‘Blue Afternoons,’ and give it a listen here!

Hunter As a Horse is an exciting alternative band known for blending folk, disco, and pop with dark cinematic leanings, resulting in a distinctly unique sound that captures the imagination. Their music has been featured in huge Netflix shows such as American Horror Story and Riverdale. With their music streamed over 5 million times across platforms from their cult fanbase, this upcoming MFT drop will offer the Opulous community the chance to participate in their entire catalog and an upcoming EP!

Find out what all the fuss is about and listen to their music here.

With all these amazing artists about to drop MFTs with Opulous, it’s time to get excited. But let’s take a deeper look at the potential impact that this could have on Opulous, the MFTs, and the community!

With each new MFT drop, artists will promote Opulous to their audience, introducing the platform to millions of potential new users who may not have heard of it before. As the number of MFT drops on Opulous increases, so does the network effect, increasing awareness and potentially driving more users to participate in the music industry with their favorite artists.

Opulous MFT holders benefit from this network effect as it increases the demand for MFTs. As more people use Opulous, the demand for MFTs will increase. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to access upcoming MFT drops early! Find out how to get ahead of the game!

At Opulous, we always prioritize our community. OPUL holders will have the first opportunity to gain early access before anyone else. To apply for early access, OPUL holders must stake their tokens in our OPUL Staking Pool to accumulate raffle tickets and apply for early access via our Raffles.

For every 10 OPUL staked, you will earn one raffle ticket daily. The more OPUL you stake, the more raffle tickets you’ll have to apply for early access. Each week leading up to the platform launch, we will offer five early access passes for each artist we have announced. This means you will have plenty of opportunities to apply and secure an early access pass.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to our OPUL Staking Pool and get started now!

We are in the final stages of testing our MFT Launchpad, with everything nearing completion. Our platform launch will be very soon, and we will be announcing something very special to celebrate the launch too. So keep your eyes peeled on our social media channels to stay updated!

The entire team at Opulous is beyond thrilled to move into this exciting stage of our journey. Please leave us a clap or two on Medium and tag us on Twitter. We appreciate all of the support and will RT as many as possible.

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