Opulous News Roundup: Features, AMAs & Community Allocation

It’s been another huge week at Opulous. Our CEO Lee Parsons has been answering all your burning questions in wall-to-wall AMAs, we’ve been featured by some of the biggest names in the crypto world and the first round of our private sale went live.

Let’s break down some of the big things that’ve happened this week and bring the Opulous community up-to-speed with anything you might’ve missed.

Opulous Mentions & Reviews

Altcoin Daily

We were delighted to see one of YouTube’s biggest crypto channels Altcoin Daily review our upcoming partnership with Binance in one of their latest videos.

Altcoin Daily is more than just a fan of our platform. They’re also an early investor. It’s just another example of crypto industry leaders recognizing the massive opportunities Opulous provides.

Check out the full video here or watch the Opulous review below.


Thanks to Layah Heilpern for this great review of the Opulous platform. Layah is one of the most respected voices in crypto and we’re happy to have her support.


France’s biggest crypto influencer Hasheur also dropped an amazing review of our platform during his live stream on Twitch. Big thanks to Owen for his support.

Skip to 43:40 to watch his review of Opulous.


Another recent mention comes from our parent company Ditto Music. In this didactic video, their YouTube host Vital explains what Opulous NFTs are and how musicians can create and sell their own music NFTs.

This video is not only useful for artists, but for anyone who wants to get a better understanding of how music NFTs work and how they will change the relationships between artists, fans and investors.


This week we noticed that one of the world’s leading influencers is also following our Twitter account. We haven’t had a review from Gary just yet, but it’s an honor to have people like him following our work.

Oliver Bell Announced as Advisor

As the CEO of XCAD Network, Oly Bell is the man behind one of the most hyped crypto projects on the market. He is also a great friend of our CEO Lee Parsons and has been helping Opulous since its inception.

We’re delighted to officially bring him onto our board of advisors.

CoinMarketCap Listing

The $OPUL token isn’t out just yet (it’s definitely NOT, so don’t fall for the scams out there!), but we’ve already received a listing on the world’s leading crypto-analysis website CoinMarketCap.

It’s always great to see major players in the crypto space taking notice of Opulous’ game-changing potential, especially this early in our development. Very bullish news!

It’s AMA season

The Opulous Community has grown massively over recent weeks, and we’ve seen thousands of you join our Ask Me Anything sessions across Telegram.

Many thanks to DAO Maker, Infinity Capital, Cryptoscreen and BigCoin for hosting our CEO and Founder Lee Parsons as well as to everyone who submitted questions.

It’s been great to be involved with so many interesting AMAs so far, but we’ve got plenty more lined up. Plus interviews with crypto journalist Layah Heilpern as well as blockchain educator and YouTube legend Blockchain Brad.

We’re also launching an AMA on in the Opulous Telegram group on 23rd June, with $10k in $OPUL allocation up for grabs. Check out the Tweet below to learn how to get involved.

Opulous Community Allocation

The first round of the $OPUL Private Sale went live on DAO Maker earlier this week and we saw overwhelming demand for token allocation.

You can go check out our Research Page on DAO Maker right now.

The sale has now ended and the winners have been chosen based on a lottery system, but don’t worry if you missed out! We’ve got a second round Private Sale coming up very soon and we’re prioritising members of the Opulous Community who’ve supported us right from the start.

In fact, we’re offering $OPUL allocation exclusively to the most engaged and passionate members of our community. If you’re one of our top supporters, you’ve probably already heard from us.

As always, the best place to stay up to date with all of the latest Opulous new is by following us on Twitter and joining the conversation in our Telegram group. Don’t forget to register at opulous.org too.



Opulous offers music copyright NFTs and DeFi loans for musicians and have fans invest in them.

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Opulous offers music copyright NFTs and DeFi loans for musicians and have fans invest in them.