Opulous partners with Pera Wallet

3 min readJun 16, 2022

Today, in an exciting step forward, we’re happy to announce that Pera Wallet (formerly Algorand Wallet) is now our official partner!

We are continually improving the user experience for both the Opulous and Algorand communities. In addition, we’re thrilled to enhance everyone’s experience with MFTs and crypto for the music industry.

Why Pera Wallet?

Pera Wallet is simplifying our goal to collectively revamp our token vesting, MFT, and NFT distribution process. This means that all our future MFT campaigns will be a seamless process for everyone who uses Pera Wallet on our platform.

Additionally, Pera shows incredible promise and value, making it a digital wallet with which the Opulous team is extremely excited to integrate. We think Pera Wallet offers an onramp for bridging the Opulous ecosystem with other products within the Algorand network. In addition, the $OPUL token has earned the coveted “Trusted ASA” badge on Pera Wallet!

Opulous will leverage Pera Wallet’s compatibility features to transfer MFTs with minimal effort quickly. As a result, we anticipate Pera to be a significant hub in the Algorand ecosystem. And we also see Pera playing a critical role in onboarding new users and expanding benefits to our collective communities.

Opulous, with the help of Pera Wallet, is then perfectly positioned to interconnect the entirety of the Algorand ecosystem to global users who want to reap the benefits of crypto in the music industry.

Where we see ourselves going from here

We view Pera Wallet as a critical piece of the Opulous infrastructure as we expand our reach and become the leading music blockchain platform.

Our team believes in a future where anyone can support in their favorite artist, sharing music rewards revenue in a synergistic relationship. As far as we know, Opulous is one of the first projects to connect traditional music IP assets to a blockchain ecosystem. We are also one of the first platforms to mint music rewards tokens on the blockchain, with Opulous being built explicitly on the eco-friendly Algorand blockchain network.

Opulous can bridge Algorand to the music industry since we are the choice platform for the industry to build upon. Our partner, Ditto Music, possesses high industry clout, in-depth industry experience, and over $1B in revenue for global artists.

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