Opulous partners with Securitize to accelerate MFT adoption

3 min readApr 7, 2022
Securitize x Opulous Partnership

We are thrilled to announce Opulous’ integration with Securitize! This integration will help facilitate the trading and participants with Opulous MFTs while ensuring they are fully tradeable.

With Securitize, the Opulous team will be able to secure your assets, and mint all MFTs so that they will be tradable on our upcoming MFT Exchange. As a result, we believe that Securitize offers the most reliable means of token issuance while assuring consistency with compliance standards for our customers.

Securitize is a valuable asset to Opulous since its transfer agent, Securitize, LLC is registered with the SEC. Likewise, it is responsible for minting our security tokens.

Once our sales are completed, we send our participants' information to Securitize to issue tokens. As soon as participators have opted-in to receive the tokens through the Opulous dashboard, Securitize automatically transfers the tokens to the participators.

“Security tokens are an innovative way of both financing projects such as Opulous, and enabling more participators. With participants able to purchase fractional ownership through a website and have their interest permanently and transparently recorded on a blockchain, participants can access opportunities that were typically out of reach,” said Jamie Finn, President of Securitize, Inc.

Who is Securitize?

Founded by Carlos Domingo and Jamie Finn, Securitize is the leading SEC-registered digital end-to-end platform for participants to raise capital in the form of tokenized shares, as well as provide participants a path to liquidity through secondary market trading, all in accordance with the U.S. regulatory framework.

As a matter of fact, like Opulous, Securitize is full of firsts, leading by example. For example, powered the largest crowdfunded, tokenized capital raise for Exodus, issued the first credit-rated tokenized fund in Japan, launched the first fully-tokenized venture capital funds with SPiCE VC and Blockchain Capital, and the first accelerator for a security token issued as debt by an NBA player.

Notably, Securitize currently stands among the top 10 U.S. stock transfer agents, not to mention the leading digital transfer agent with its recent acquisition of Pacific Stock Transfer, through which Securitize now supports over 1.2 million participant accounts and 3,000 clients.

Along with Opulous, Securitize has worked with some of the biggest names in technology and entertainment, including Exodus, Arca Labs, the Hollywood TV series, Hold On for Dear Life (the first-ever scripted TV series about crypto culture), Algorand, and Avalanche, among several others.

The Opulous team is buzzing with excitement as our recent MFT sale with Ard Adz sold out in just 45 minutes!! We also recently announced the news that Marc Aché has joined Opulous as our CTO as well as our latest development update.

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Disclaimer: Securitize, LLC is a transfer agent registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Securitize LLC is not a registered broker-dealer. Private market participants are speculative and considered risky, including potential loss of your participants, and may not be appropriate for every participants. Private participants are generally an illiquid asset class; participants cannot sell their funds when they want to without potentially facing high losses. Any discussion of liquidity is purely speculative. Digital assets or tokens using blockchain, are speculative, involve a high degree of risk, are generally illiquid, may have no value, have limited regulatory certainty, are subject to potential market manipulation risks and may expose participants to loss of principal. There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will enhance overall returns or outperform a non-diversified portfolio.




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