Opulous Private Sale Competition

Opulous is set to reshape the music industry, introducing DeFi solutions and providing a launchpad for the first split music copyright NFTs.

However, it’s the passion and enthusiasm of the Opulous community that truly gives our platform the power to bring about real change.

Many of you have asked about investing in our private sale, so we’re offering that opportunity to those who spread the word and believe in our vision.

In fact, we’re launching a series of competitions to allocate $5,500 worth of $OPUL tokens.

All you need to do is join and engage with the Opulous community over the coming weeks. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

How to participate

We’ll be running FOUR COMPETITIONS in the lead up to our public sale.

You can choose to participate in as many as you’d like for the chance to be a part of our exclusive private sale and reserve your $OPUL tokens before everyone else.

1. Most Engaged on Telegram (NOW CLOSED)

Total prize pool: $1,500 in $OPUL

Competition begins April 28th and ends May 26th

The top 10 most-engaged people in our Telegram group will receive a share of $1,500 in $OPUL allocation.

The most-engaged community members will be decided by the total number of messages posted between April 28th to May 26th 2021 here → https://t.me/opulousapp

We’ll only count comments that genuinely engage with our community on Telegram. Spamming will get you disqualified!

Prize breakdown

1st — 5th most-engaged: $200 of $OPUL allocation each

6th — 10th most-engaged: $100 of $OPUL allocation each

Winners will be announced on May 28th.

2. Best Twitter Posts (NOW CLOSED)

Total prize pool: $1,500 in $OPUL

Competition begins May 14th and ends on May 28th

This one’s all about Twitter. We’ll be rewarding community members who Tweet about Opulous with a split of $1,500 in $OPUL allocation.

We want to see Tweets so good we can’t help but share them. But what should you tweet? Well that’s up to you! Anything you think will catch our eye, benefit our community or just make us chuckle.

Remember to tag us @opulousapp and use the hash/cashtags #OpulousCommunity, #Opulous and $OPUL for your entries to be counted.

Prize breakdown

1st — 5th best tweets: $200 of $OPUL allocation each

6th — 10th best tweets: $100 of $OPUL allocation each

Winners will be announced on May 31st.

Need some help creating awesome Opulous content? Feel free to raid our graphics and assets folder here → https://bit.ly/3vniA8k

3. Best AMA Questions (COMING SOON)

Competition date TBA

Total prize pool: $1,000 in $OPUL

We’ll be hosting some AMA sessions closer to our public sale, giving away a further $1,000 worth of $OPUL to the folks who ask our favourite questions.

We’ll release more details about this competition closer to the time, so for now just make sure to register at opulous.org, follow us on Twitter and join our Telegram community for all the latest updates as they happen.

BONUS: Flash Allocation Competitions

Every so often we’ll drop a FLASH allocation competition.

But these contests will only last for 24 hours at a time, so make sure to keep a close eye on our Twitter!

The rules are simple.

When we share a post announcing a flash competition, just retweet and tag three friends in the comments. Make sure you’re following us on Twitter and join our Telegram group too.

We’ll pick one Opulous Community member who meets the criteria above at random and reward them with the chance to invest $200 in our exclusive private $OPUL sale.

Good luck and special thanks to everyone in the Opulous community!


  • This is not an airdrop giveaway. Participants are competing for the chance to receive token allocation and take part in our private sale.
  • ALL WINNERS will be required to KYC for prize eligibility if winning allocation.
  • We cannot include any participants from high risk and other monitored jurisdictions on the website of Financial Action Task Force, including Albania, Barbados, Botswana, Cambodia, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Ghana, Iran, Jamaica, Mauritius, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Syria, Uganda, Yemen and Zimbabwe.
  • If you are a citizen of one of the following countries and win our competition we will issue your reward in $USDC only: People’s Republic of China, South Korea, United States of America.

Opulous offers music copyright NFTs and DeFi loans for musicians and have fans invest in them.