Opulous Recap: Meet our new CTO, Marc Aché

With a stellar background as a technical leader at establishments like MTV/Viacom, Napster, CanvasArtists, and WorkFusion, Marc Aché has joined Opulous to guide our innovative technology and scale our services to market.

Marc comes from a long and impressive history in tech roles within the music industry, plus the massive responsibility for engineering hubs in Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, and the USA, Marc strengthens Opulous’ position as a key player at the intersection of music and NFTs.

Marc Aché: the backstory

“ I’ve been involved in the entertainment and music industry for over 22 years now. You know, personally, I’ve always been an EDM/dance music person.”

One of my first jobs was working at Universal Music, helping bring the very first incarnation of music onto the internet, where there were some songs that you could license to stream on the internet, and they cost $10 a song. And back then there was just Napster. And this was the first incarnation of trying to do it. Legally, of course it didn’t take off.

But then what it did was it blossomed into a partnership between Universal Music and Sony, where they created the first music subscription service called PressPlay that actually morphed into the second version of Napster, which was the version which allowed downloading and streaming of music online. Kind of like what Spotify is today, but 20 years too soon.

Opulous, music, and web3

“ I’m really excited about building an in-house team to really bring all these great services to the market. The Opulous team is eclectic, and all I’ve felt with everyone I’ve met from Opulous is very positive vibes. That’s the type of place I want to work at.”

What I’m most excited about bringing to the team is I have 22 years of experience in building engineering teams and a lot of what we do today, at Opulous, we use third parties to help us with.

You know, I’ve managed engineers forever. I’ve managed engineers all over the planet forever. I’m accustomed to having guys in Warsaw and another team in the UK, and people in Costa Rica.

So with this post-COVID world where everybody works from everywhere, it fits perfectly with my skills. So that’s what I’m super excited about. And then I’m really excited about being connected back into the music industry.

The web3 category has really opened up so many use-cases that, I mean, if you can imagine it, it’s really creatable. So to me, it feels like web3 feels almost like my web1 days when anything went, and you could build all sorts of fun things. I love doing that…web3 excites me every day.

Well, I, think one of the interesting things about, and why I’m joining Opulous is, I’m really excited that the fact that Opulous is doing everything above board, they’re using real security NFTs. They’re registered with the SEC. They’re not trying to kind of screw it to the man as Napster did. They’re really trying to do everything legally and correctly.

My opinion is I think Opulous is in a key position to allow more people to share in the royalties from artists being successful. And music is one way to do this. I mean, you see it also happening in the art market with fractionalized art.

And then at the same time, Opulous is also giving back to the artists and allowing them to create new music by allowing them to leverage their royalties as a loan mechanism to get cash, to fund new projects.

Full steam ahead

Well, my number one focus is going to be on delivering this year’s roadmap. We have a very, very aggressive roadmap for this year. We have a number of staking pools and we have new artists that we’re trying to bring on to the platform.

So the first priority will be to get that up all and running, get the new artists going, and then take all this technology that we have that has been put together and bring it in-house so that we make sure we own and control our own destiny — and then growing that so that the company can really kind of expand.

You know: the one thing I would say about community is my involvement in this crypto space has shown me that community is the most important part of any successful, project. If you don’t have a community that’s behind you, you can’t be successful because the community is what drives you forward.

So I look forward to engaging with our community online on Twitter, in Discord, and anywhere else I can.

Everyone at Opulous is excited to have Marc on board as we raise the bar for a successful year ahead and bring our roadmap to fruition. We have no doubt that his expertise will be a valuable asset to the company and our entire community.

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