Opulous reveals Kadeem Tyrell for upcoming MFT drop

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We’re thrilled to announce rising R&B star Kadeem Tyrell for an exclusive upcoming MFT drop!

This will be a very limited opportunity to particiapte in his three upcoming singles. Get ready, as an unmissable drop will take place on the MFT Launchpad, and you’ll be able to earn music rewards directly from each track’s music revenue.

If you want to be part of Kadeem’s success, having OPUL is essential. Gain early access by joining the OPUL Staking Pool, giving you the first opportunity to claim. Raffles to win early access open on Thursday, February 23, 2023. This drop will be very exclusive, so don’t miss out!

We are inching ever closer to Phase 3 of our full ecosystem launch; we will be going global to announce amazing artists and give our community the opportunity to explore a range of different genres. This is a truly exciting time to be part of our mission, and we’re only just getting started.

Let’s explore the world of Kadeem Tyrell and learn all about his upcoming MFT Drop!

Introducing Kadeem Tyrell

Born and raised in South London, UK, British R&B/Soul singer Kadeem Tyrell is making huge waves in the UK scene. Kadeem Tyrell epitomizes the alternative sound currently on the rise, described as “soothing alternative soul” and “effortless R&B.” Aiming to establish his name among the greats, Tyrell has no plans of slowing down when it comes to making amazing feel-good music.

Now is the perfect time to join forces with Kadeem Tyrell and experience music ownership for yourself! Over the past year, he has experienced exponential growth, with a 5x increase in monthly listeners and a 6x increase in daily streams since February 2022. With in excess of 10 million streams from a collection of stunning songs, you’re certain to have an incredible adventure as part of his journey!

Discover the upcoming MFT drop

This exclusive MFT drop offers a limited opportunity to own 20% of three upcoming singles by Kadeem Tyrell. The raise amount for this exclusive drop is very limited, making it a rare opportunity. The artist’s previous album, “As Time Goes By,” released in 2022, has garnered over 2 million streams on digital streaming platforms. With his promising new tracks, now is your chance to particiapte in a potential hit before the rest of the world catches on!

Here are some words from Kadeem about partnering with Opulous:

“With 7 years of independent music-making, I have always preferred to have full control over my music and not compromise my passion and creative freedom. This is why I have declined offers from labels and stayed independent. I’m excited to connect with Opulous and provide an opportunity for you to particiapte in my music and help fund future releases!”

Find Joe Mason (Head of Artist Services, Opulous) is excited about this upcoming MFT drop:

“Kadeem Tyrell has been a consistent force in the UK for several years now and one of the leading male R&B artists. I am a big fan of his music and have been fortunate enough to see him live a few times; he never disappoints.

Kadeem is going to be another artist launching his MFT via our new MFT Launchpad, and I expect this one to sell quickly, so make sure you’re there early. Stay tuned for his upcoming releases this year and get behind another inspiring independent artist!”

Your chance to get early access!

Starting Thursday, February 23rd, we are adding new rewards to our Raffles, with early access passes being one of them! You must join the OPUL Staking Pool and accumulate tickets to participate in Raffles. This will be your opportunity to claim your place for the upcoming MFT drop before anyone else!

Further artists will be announced in the coming weeks as we drive toward Phase 3 of our full platform launch. This is the year of Opulous, and it’s amazing to have you hear for the journey. Stay tuned for further exciting announcements, and follow us on all platforms to keep updated with all our developments!

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