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The holidays are just around the corner and we’re in the mood to celebrate. So get ready for a long list of S-NFT announcements — more than enough to fill your stockings! Plus as an extra holiday gift to OPUL holders, these investment opportunities come with the chance to win HUGE prizes.

We’re ramping up our release schedule as many more artists express their interest in Opulous. Not surprising considering our first S-NFT sale of Lil Pump’s Mona Lisa sold out within two hours.

We’ll keep this blog updated with all of our latest S-NFT releases. So let’s take a look at what we’ve got lined up for this S-NFT season.

And don’t forget — when you invest in the music copyrights of these songs, you’ll receive royalty earnings throughout the year… not just for Christmas!


The last decade saw Tyga scoring hit after big hit, racking up over 6 billion streams with tracks like Taste, Ayo, Rack City and Loco Contigo, as well as major collaborations with music legends including Snoop Dogg, Drake and Bruno Mars.

But the Grammy Award-nominee doesn’t just stick to producing Billboard-topping songs. He’s also become a household name through TV appearances in the Scream series and this year’s The Masked Singer.

We’ll also be running awesome contests and giveaways on our socials alongside this S-NFT sale. If you own OPUL, you stand to win some very cool prizes…

The sale date and other essential information will be shared soon.


The Opulous Family is thrilled to announce we’ve partnered with multi-platinum artist Kyle! Not only is the LA native a chart-topping rapper, but he has left his mark on all four corners of the globe. Kyle has collaborated with some of the biggest names in music like Chance the Rapper, G-Eazy, Kehlani, Ty Dolla Sign, and others.

Kyle’s music has been streamed a jaw-dropping 2 billion times, and just one glance at his impressive history on the charts says it all!

Check out these amazing stats:

Kyle has charted in the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 Charts with his 2016 debut single, iSpy (featuring Lil Yachty). His music also graced the Billboard Top Livestream Artists Charts, while Kyle left his mark at #37 on the Billboard Artists 100 Charts. As if that’s not enough — he’s also had three singles in the Billboard 200 charts!

But the news gets hotter! We’re also incredibly excited to announce that we’ll be releasing Kyle’s upcoming album, “It’s Not So Bad,” as an S-NFT for the first time in music history! (That we know of, anyway.)

What better way to commemorate this moment than with Kyle’s upcoming album? The new album will be released on January 28th, 2022 & the S-NFT launch date is being announced soon.

As usual, we plan on running incredible contests and giveaways all across our socials to celebrate this S-NFT sale. So If you own OPUL, you could be one of the lucky winners to grab some pretty cool prizes.

Make sure you keep your ears to the ground as we bring you more updates on the Kyle x Opulous “It’s Not So Bad” S-NFT Sale!

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