Phase 3: Opulous London Event Recap

5 min readMay 2, 2023

The Phase 3: Opulous London Event was a night to remember!

We were thrilled to see so many people from the OPULFAM gathered in one room, all excited to celebrate the future of Opulous. The atmosphere was electric, and we unveiled some truly exciting updates, including key dates, OVAULT’s performance, and our next game-changing product, Opulous AI.

But that’s not all — the event also featured amazing live performances from Manik MC, Star One, and the incredible Elisa Imperile, who will join us for an exclusive MFT drop.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the highlights of this unforgettable night!

Key Dates

“Parsons will fix it!”

We have some important dates to mark in your calendars:

  • May 2nd: Platform Launch Campaign
  • May 12th: Opulous x Ditto Music Takeover @ Great Escape 2023
  • May 23rd: MFT Platform Launch
  • May 25th: First MFT Sale

The countdown to the platform launch has begun, so head to our website and sign up to join the waiting list!

MFT Platform Walkthrough

“Music Fungible Tokens are the future!”

At the event, we showcased our platform with an exclusive trailer and a live walkthrough by Lee Parsons. The trailer will be released this week, and we’re excited to start revealing more about our upcoming platform.

It’s important to note that MFT drops will occur every two weeks, starting on May 25th. The first week will be open for early access, while the second week will be open for general sale. You can apply for early access now through our raffles, and if you win, your wallet will be whitelisted for the sale, and you will be able to participate early.

Initially, the only form of payment will be OPUL, as we want to reward our community with early access before anyone else. Over the coming weeks, we will be releasing more educational content about our upcoming platform and the OPUL token to help both existing and new users who will be using our platform.


“Imagine getting paid for vast music collections, all at the same time!”

We unveiled the first batch of results from OVAULT, which is currently operating at around 20% in rewards. OVAULT is made up of music catalog that is making consistent revenue from high volumes of artists.

OVAULT will be launched in Q3 2023, and we can’t wait to share this opportunity with our community.

Opulous AI

“It’s time to predict the future of music, using Opulous AI”

We announced our next game-changing product, Opulous AI, which uses computer learning to predict an artist’s future music revenue. Until now, we could only look back, but with Opulous AI, we can now look to the future. We will reveal more about Opulous AI over the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled!

Artist Announcement

Stunning live performance from Elisa imperilee

As a special surprise to our community, we announced the amazing soul singer, Elisa Imperilee, live at the event. Elisa will be joining Opulous for an exciting and exclusive MFT drop, giving you the chance to support an emerging artist.

Live Performances

Manik MC took the stage and set the venue on fire!

The event featured incredible live performances from Elisa Imperilee, Manik MC, and Star One, all of whom are partnered with Opulous for MFT drops. The energy in the room was electric, and the performances were truly unforgettable.

Opulous Community

#OPULFAM was in full force!

We want to extend a huge thank you to our community for attending the event. You from all over the world gathered in London to celebrate Opulous, and we’re grateful for your support. You can find all the event photos here, so feel free to use them and share your experience at the event.

Message from CEO, Lee Parsons:

A message from our CEO, Lee Parsons.

“We would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who came to London to show their support. We wanted to create a truly special event to show our appreciation for your support, and it was incredible to see so many people come together to celebrate Opulous. The event was an amazing way to kick off May, and we’re excited to keep that energy going as we count down to the full Opulous platform release!” — Lee Parsons (CEO & Co-Founder)

Coming Next

The Opulous London Event was an incredible night, and we’re thrilled to have been able to celebrate with our amazing community. The event showcased the innovative and game-changing products that Opulous has in store for the music industry, and we can’t wait for our platform launch on May 23rd.

The event was also an opportunity to connect with our community and share our vision for the future of the music industry. Seeing so many people sharing our passion for supporting artists and driving change in the industry was so inspiring!

We want to extend a special thank you to our live performers, Elisa Imperilee, Manik MC, and Star One, who brought incredible energy to the night and showcased the incredible talent that Opulous supports.

As we progress towards our platform launch, we’re excited to continue engaging with our community and share our progress with you. We have some exciting updates and events in the pipeline, including the Opulous x Ditto Music Takeover @ Great Escape 2023 on May 12th and the first MFT sale on May 25th.

We’re committed to building a platform that supports artists and empowers the music industry, and we’re grateful to our amazing community to share this journey with.

Stay tuned for more huge updates and announcements as we drive towards our platform launch on May 23rd!

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