Refer a friend to Opulous for #OpulXmas

To celebrate the holiday season and show support to the amazing Opulous community, we’re doing a Refer A Friend competition. This is your chance to refer some of your friends to Opulous and win a share of $500 USD in $OPUL tokens.

Referral Competition

This competition is pretty simple. You only need to invite friends to join the . This is done through a unique referral link you first have to claim.

We’ll be giving away $500 USD in $OPUL tokens. The five winners will be the ones with the most successful referrals. And by “successful referral” we mean someone joining our Telegram group directly from YOUR unique link!

How it works

This competition starts December 21st and ends December 26th. Here’s how to grab your referral link and get involved:

1. Make sure you’re already a member of the main Opulous Telegram group here:

2. Go to this Telegram bot and click Start to receive a unique referral link:

3. Share your unique link with your friends & start racking up referrals!

Remember, we can only count people who join our group from YOUR unique link in your total referral score. We’ll rank everyone based on the number of successful referrals they achieve and you’ll need to be in our Top 5 to win a prize!

Make sure you’ve settled on a Telegram username BEFORE you start referring friends. We can’t transfer referrals between different accounts.

Also, please don’t try to cheat. It’s not fair on honest members of the Opulous Community. We’ll notice if you do and will automatically disqualify anyone we suspect of attempting to cheat the system.

Good luck!

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Opulous offers music copyright NFTs and DeFi loans for musicians and have fans invest in them.