Self-Sovereign Identity and Music in Web 3.0

Blockchain Identities and Music

However, while our primary goals of financial disintermediation and inclusion are being realized in our existing projects, a greater long-term goal remains: to return to musicians and artists the control of their own data. Music publishing companies, record labels, performance rights organizations, and other industry intermediaries have had too much power for too long. This unfair balance has always left content creators receiving less than they deserve — a condition which must change as our society evolves and more jobs become automated, thereby shifting individuals into creative industries.

Empowering Artists to Take Back Their Data

Bridges & Elastos (ELA) Staking on Opulous

Elastos’ W3C-compliant DID Platform

We are aiming to do more than just give every content creator a Decentralized Identifier (DID); while doing so would be a necessary first step, it would not provide any immediate benefits. Our long-term vision is to integrate with Bluebox and give users a decentralized means by which to manage their own data, licenses, and copyrights. This data could then be used in the DeFi ecosystem to integrate with different platforms. Such a model taps on the creativity of dApp developers who have used the blockchain technology’s composability to create the vibrant DeFi ecosystem we see today.

We are excited to be working with Elastos, and we encourage the Elastos community to stay tuned for further announcements on forthcoming projects and what our future collaboration will hold.