Stake $OPUL on to earn 35% APR

We know the Opulous community loves staking OPUL. That’s why we are happy to announce we have created another staking pool! The exchange will host a pool where you can earn 35% on your OPUL.

On you could already buy the OPUL token. As of November 12th, you can stake them there as well. The lucrative APR of 35% allows you to earn more OPUL whilst holding on to them. It’s very easy to do.

Get your OPUL on
If you don’t have any OPUL on Gate yet, you can either:
- Buy them here with USDT or ETH
- Transfer your OPUL to your wallet on Gate

Gate accepts the three token types of OPUL: ASA, ERC20 and BSC. You can deposit them by using the wallet of that particular chain.

How to Stake
Now that you got OPUL on Gate, let’s go to the pool. You can find it here:

The OPUL that you have on your balance, you can now use for staking.

Click on subscribe and the OPUL amount on your balance will be staked. You are now earning free OPUL!

This staking pool allows you to trade or withdraw OPUL as you please. The amount on your balance is what is being used to calculate the APR. Hence the no lockup period for this pool.

Staking Details

  • The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 35%
  • The APR will be distributed every 7 days. This means that if you unstake after 18 days, you will still receive the percentage of 4 days (the percentage of the first 14 days has been paid out to you already)
  • The staking period ends 21st of January
  • There is no lockup period
  • When you stake, you will not see a change on your balance on Gate. You can still withdraw and trade OPUL as you like.
  • To withdraw on, you need to KYC. doesn’t service U.S. citizens.

This generous staking pool on Gate is a great way to earn more OPUL in an easy and accessible way. We have other staking options available as well. You can find out about these here.

If you have any additional questions, please drop by our Telegram group, and we’re ready to help you out. Happy Staking!



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