Stake OPUL on Kucoin to earn 30% APY

Earning a tasty 30% interest on your $OPUL tokens has never been easier. Head over to Kucoin, where you can immediately stake your $OPULs after buying them there.

This is our second staking option after releasing $OPUL last week. A couple of days ago, we launched an Uniswap LP farm on TokensFarm and the returns are over 1,000% at the time of writing.

Steps to start staking OPUL on Kucoin
1. You need to be a registered user of Kucoin. So if you aren’t, sign up first.

You will also need $OPUL tokens in your wallet on Kucoin. If you haven’t, transfer them there or buy them on the Kucoin exchange with USDT.

2. Having done the above, it’s time to stake your $OPUL. First, go to the Staking Page.

3. Click on Subscribe to open the staking pool. A popup will open (make sure to disable any blockers!) with the pool details.

4. Transfer funds from your main or trading wallet to the Pool-X wallet, deposit your staking amount, agree to the terms, click on subscribe, and it’s done!

Congratulations, you are making a 30% APY with your OPUL tokens.

Staking Details
The staking option on Kucoin runs until May 26, 2022. The APY is 30%. You are able to unstake at any time, but the redemption period is 3 days.

Full details from Kucoin:

If you have any additional questions, please drop by our Telegram group, and we’re ready to help you out. Happy Staking!



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