‘TON Blockchain’ designed by Telegram partners with Opulous

4 min readNov 28, 2022

We’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with TON Blockchain (previously designed by Telegram) to mint special MFTs and artwork NFTs for an unmissable community competition.

And of course — the #OPULFAM will have a chance to win these limited-edition MFTs and artwork NFTs!

Want to know more? Here’s what we’ll cover below:

  • What is TON Blockchain?
  • Why are we partnering?
  • Which artist is involved?
  • How to enter the competition

Alright, let’s get into it!

What is TON Blockchain & why are we partnering up?

The Open NetWork (TON) technology aims to unite blockchains and Web2 into one open network. TON’s primary mission is to empower and onboard billions of Telegram users into Web3!

Opulous gives brands like TON and Telegram a great way to share rewards with their community. And as our partnership continues, we will be working together on loads of exclusive opportunities while bringing even more people into Opulous.

We’ll be kicking things off with this incredible chance to win an MFT from our upcoming Christmas-themed drop, alongside a limited edition 3D artwork NFT.

Read on to discover more and find out how you could win!

Who’s the new artist dropping MFTs with Opulous?

Introducing, Star One!

With millions of streams under their belt, Star One is one of the most exciting independent production duos emerging from the UK right now. Since dropping the official remix of Ed Sheeran’s 2Step, Star One are making huge waves across the industry.

We’re teaming up to share music participation with members. This particular MFT drop will be for 50% of the revenue for an exclusive cover of the Christmas classic ‘Silent Night’ produced by Star One. Teasers for the track will be released in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled!

Find out how YOU can enter the competition below. (Psst — we also have a special competition just for our Algorand users!)

How to win an exclusive Xmas MFT

Step 1: Create some awesome Christmas-themed art — whether that’s an illustration, photo, or any other type of digital artwork (Format: JPG or PNG).

Step 2: Submit your artwork along with a title and short description of the art to the comments of the announcement post on these channels:

Step 3: The images will be reviewed by GetGems — the largest NFT marketplace based on TON.

The winner’s images will be selected, minted into an NFT, and sold in an upcoming auction.

All participants will have an equal chance to win a carol MFT by Star One and winners will be selected from those who have joined the competition.


  • Getgems will select an image, and help it be minted into an NFT to put up for auction. Getgems will place the first bid at US$1,000.
  • All qualified submitters will be entered into an internal raffle to win one of 50 places in our upcoming Star One MFT drop, plus some exclusive accompanying artwork NFTs. MFTs will be issued as normal on the Algorand blockchain with the accompanying artwork issued on the Ton blockchain. The 3D artwork NFTs will be minted on Ton. The Opulous community can also receive these minted in Algorand.


  • The contest kicks off now and ends on Dec 11 (Sun) 2022,GMT 23:59
  • Winners are selected internally by Getgems and Opulous.
  • Winners announcement: Dec 16 (Fri) 2022


  1. A person can participate only once.
  2. All submissions & talks must be relevant to this contest. If not, they will be immediately deleted by Community Team.
  3. You should submit an image that you privately own. If not, it is not allowed to mint as your NFT
  4. Anyone who creates multiple accounts to submit the same or numerous images will be excluded from the campaign.
  5. Our community team may delete replies if they violate our ‘Community Code of Conduct.’
  6. The final decision regarding the awards lies with the Ton Foundation and the Community Team.

It’s going to be an exciting competition and we’re wishing everybody the best of luck with their submissions!

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