Thank you for #MonaLisaWeek!

Opulous has been a community-driven project ever since its inception. And for #MonaLisaWeek, the OPUL community came through once again. What an incredible week it’s been!

Here’s a recap of everything that’s happened since November 1st. TL;DR: It’s been an unforgettable seven days of investments, competitions and HUGE prizes. But let’s dive deeper.

S-NFT Sale of Mona Lisa
Best to start off with what Opulous is all about — creating a product that will reshape the music industry for the better. We took a BIG step in this direction with the sale of our first ever Music NFT on Thursday!

Streaming giants Lil Pump & Soulja Boy’s new track Mona Lisa was at the centre of it all. And thanks to our collaboration with investment platform Republic, we’re the only company in the world to offer SEC authorized music copyrights.

The sale went live at 2pm UTC and 2 hours later it was already sold out!!!

$500,000 was invested by 925 people. These lucky investors will now earn revenue whenever the Mona Lisa song gets played on streaming platforms or generates publishing royalties through airplay across radio, TV, movies and video games and more.

You can read the details of when investors will receive their NFT and how we’ll pay out the revenues here.

Staking Competition
Anyone staking 1,000 OPUL tokens or more could participate in our Staking Competition. Most of our pools were filled up to over 90%. Amazing!

But you shouldn’t stop staking just because #MonaLisaWeek is over. Staking earns you even more new OPUL tokens and APYs are high, so it’s an easy way to increase your bag. You can find all our active pools here.

As well as APY staking, there’s also our NFTrade pool where you can earn special benefits and prizes. We’ll be announcing new prizes soon, so make sure to keep your OPUL at NFTrade.

The more rewards you are earning — in xOPUL-, the more chances you have to claim prizes.

Social Competitions
We almost broke Crypto Twitter this week. The engagement on our competitions on Twitter (and Instagram) was through the roof. OPUL holders know how to play!

There were prizes to be won for spreading the word of Opulous, getting involved with our spelling contest (Twitter could barely handle that one!) and submitting questions for an AMAwith our CEO Lee Parsons on Twitter Spaces . More than 300 people joined us for that one!

OPUL Memes
You guys meme so much to us! So one of our favourite competitions of the week gave you the chance to showcase your best Opulous Memes. And of course you delivered. There was some serious creativity on show. Check out some of the highlights below.

With both competitions a lot of prizes could be won. We’ve given away a over 10,000 OPUL tokens!

All in all, 117 people received tokens. We also send out 360 Golden Tickets. If you missed out on the S-NFT sale because it was sold out, better start staking at NFTrade. There you can claim Golden Tickets that give you early access to our next S-NFT sale.

We closed #MonaLisaWeek on Monday evening by announcing our Staking Competition winners during a live draw on Instagram. Over 200 people tuned in for a fun session with Lee Parsons and crypto journalist James Stothard.

The prizes were as follows:

- A trip to Paris to see the Mona Lisa in the Louvre
- 2,500 OPUL tokens
- A trip to Miami to go clubbing with Lil Pump

We are expecting the Paris goer to send us a selfie with Mona herself! The party animal that gets to go out with Lil Pump in Miami… those pics will probably be too sensitive to share :-)

The big prize for us was seeing your reactions. We are really glad that you enjoyed the competitions and the rewards given out.

What’s next?
Crypto never stops, so we are already working on our next S-NFT release and building out our tech. There’s some exciting stuff coming — to say the least.

New S-NFT release
You can expect a new S-NFT release from another major artist real soon. This S-NFT say will come with exclusive prizes and benefits to OPUL stakers. The details around this will be communicated on our socials.

Providing the community with great staking options is important to us. As mentioned above, we will continuously add new prizes and benefits to the NFTrade pool.

Setting up other staking pools is part of our roadmap. Our team is working with partners to create news ones. As always, we will update you on this as soon as we can.

Behind the scenes, we are working around the clock to further develop our system. Up in the works is our own NFT marketplace, where you can trade the Music NFTs. The software that will pay out the streaming royalties to NFT holders is also in development.

Recently, we announced our partnership with tech juggernaut LINE. The coming period we will continue exploring ways to integrate our NFT products with the services LINE provides.

Stay up to date with all the latest Opulous news: follow our Twitter and Instagram account. To become part of an amazing and fun community — and talk OPUL all day! — join our Telegram channel.




Opulous offers music copyright NFTs and DeFi loans for musicians and have fans invest in them.

Love podcasts or audiobooks? Learn on the go with our new app.

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Opulous offers music copyright NFTs and DeFi loans for musicians and have fans invest in them.

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