Welcome to #MonaLisaWeek: Everything You Need to Know

#MonaLisaWeek is here! We’re counting down to our first ever Music S-NFT sale for the brand new track Mona Lisa from rap legends Lil Pump and Soulja Boy.

It’s happening November 4th at 2pm UTC, so set those reminders!

In the meantime, we’re celebrating #MonaLisaWeek with exclusive giveaways and HUGE prizes for the Opulous community. A trip to Paris, a total of 10,000 OPUL tokens and Golden Tickets for the NFT sale are all up for grabs.

One BIG week. Lots of chances to win!

We’re launching a number of competitions this week, with loads of different prizes on offer. You’ll need to stake $OPUL to enter the biggest one, but the others will be run on our socials and open to everyone.

You’ll find competitions on our socials every day from Monday to Wednesday. So follow us and keep a close eye on our Twitter, Instagram and Telegram for all the latest.

Let’s have a look at what’s in store and how you can join the fun!

Staking Competition: Prizes

Staking at least 1,000 $OPUL? Get ready for the chance to win BIG!

Let’s have a closer look at the awesome prizes up for grabs through staking during #MonaLisaWeek.

-> Trip to Paris to see the Mona Lisa
Owning the S-NFT of Mona Lisa by Lil Pump ft Soulja Boy is awesome — but how about seeing the ageless beauty in real life?!

We’ll send one lucky winner and a friend over to Paris for an unforgettable two-night hotel stay.

Enjoy local baguettes, views of the river Seine and tickets to the Louvre — the museum where the Mona Lisa is exhibited. Don’t forget to send us a selfie with the old girl while you’re there!

-> 2,500 OPUL tokens
You can never have too many OPUL tokens. So during #MonaLisaWeek we’re giving away a grand total of 10,000 tokens!

This amount will be divided among the winners of various competitions. When you stake OPUL, you can win the biggest bag of them all: 2,500 OPUL tokens.

-> Golden Tickets
The Mona Lisa S-NFT sale launches on November 4th at 2pm UTC. It’s set to take place on world-renowned investment platform Republic. But there are over 1 million Republic subscribers out there with the opportunity to join the sale, so it’s going to sell fast!

That’s why we want to make sure OPUL holders don’t miss out by giving away 60 early access Golden Tickets. The winners will receive an email with a link to the sale page to get access one hour before everyone else.

The 60 lucky winners will also receive 50 OPUL tokens. That’s how we roll!

-> Trip to Miami to go clubbing with Lil Pump
Ready for a night out with Lil Pump himself? This one’s not for the faint-hearted!

Where he will take you is anyone’s guess, but we’re sure you’ll be in for a night that you’ll never ever forget. The hangover won’t be so bad though, as you’ll get to enjoy the sights of South Beach while you recover.

You can only win this prize if you’re staking OPUL on NFTrade. Read this blog to find out how you can participate.

Staking Competition: How to enter

For the chance to be in the draw, just follow two simple steps:

1. Stake 1,000 OPUL
You will need to stake at least 1,000 OPUL. You can choose from the following five staking and liquidity pools.

Hit the links below to learn how to stake for each pool:
- Kucoin
- Yieldy
- UniSwap
- PancakeSwap
- NFTrade

2. Submit your entry via the form below.
To enter you’ll need:
- A screenshot that proves you are staking 1,000 OPUL
- An ASA wallet address that can receive OPUL (this can be an Alogrand wallet or one from exchanges)

Fill in the form here: https://bit.ly/lisa_staking

Staking Competition: Winners

The staking period for #MonaLisaWeek goes on till Sunday 10am UTC. The winners for all staking prizes will be picked through a draw.

On Wednesday 7pm UTC, we will announce the winners of the 60 x (Golden Ticket + 50 OPUL tokens). Friday we will announce the winner of the Miami trip, Saturday the Paris trip winner and on Sunday the winner of the 2,500 OPUL tokens.

You can continue staking OPUL after #MonaLisaWeek. These pools will stay active for quite a while, so you might as well earn more OPUL while you’re at it.

Social Competitions

We’ll also be running competitions on our social channels from Monday to Wednesday this week. Anybody can participate and we can’t wait to get started!

There’ll be the chance to show off your best Opulous memes, an unmissable spelling contest, and even opportunities to win simply by spreading the word about $OPUL.

We’re giving away 150 OPUL tokens and Golden Tickets to loads of people from across the OPUL community — so don’t miss out!

The winners of these competitions will be announced on a daily basis.

This week will be HUGE and we’re psyched to get started. Let’s make #MonaLisaWeek a week to remember!

Don’t forget to close off this week in style by investing in the Music NFT of Mona Lisa. Read more on how to prepare for the sale that will open Thursday, November 4th at 2PM UTC.

If you have any questions about #MonaLisaWeek, join our community on Telegram and ask away.

Don’t forget to follow all our socials so you don’t miss a thing (TIP: activate notifications for anything posted by Opulous).

Twitter: twitter.com/opulousapp/
Instagram: instagram.com/opulousapp/
Telegram: t.me/opulousapp
Reddit: reddit.com/r/Opulous
YouTube: youtube.com/c/Opulousapp

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Opulous offers music copyright NFTs and DeFi loans for musicians and have fans invest in them.

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Opulous offers music copyright NFTs and DeFi loans for musicians and have fans invest in them.