Why Is The Market So Bullish on Music Royalties?

Music royalties are one of the hottest investment tickets in finance right now.

Barely a week passes without news of another artist being offered big bucks for the rights to their back catalogue.

An industry on the rise

Recorded music revenues have increased every year for the last five years — and this trend shows no signs of slowing down.

The growth of streaming

Streaming has seen a massive growth in popularity over recent years, and that has only accelerated during the pandemic.

Spotify’s paying subscribers in millions

Predictable revenue

While traditional financial markets can be volatile — particularly in uncertain times like these — music royalty revenues remain strong and most importantly; predictable.

Artists can track who is consuming there music more accurately than ever before.

Music is a constant

Putting all of the figures, stats and proven industry growth aside — music is a constant of modern life.

Future royalties as collateral

At Opulous, we understand the value of music assets and will revolutionize music industry funding.

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