Why Opulous is offering Music Security NFTs on Republic

We are about to release our first Music Security NFTs (S-NFTs). Streaming giants Lil Pump and KSHMR are the first of many artists that will put shares in their royalties on offer as an NFT.

These sales will happen on the platform of our partner Republic, one of the largest crowd-investment providers in the world.

Through Republic’s flexible and easy-to-use platform, users will be able to invest in the artists they love for as little as $100. When fans invest in an artist’s new song or album, they share in the royalties earned from streaming services, creating a new era in the artist-fan relationship where artists can thrive financially and fans are rewarded for their support.

Music Security NFT (S-NFT)
NFTs offered as a security instrument creates a new landscape of opportunities for artists. Security NFTs are designed to provide efficiency in distributing investors’ share of royalties directly into their crypto wallets.

Together with Republic, we see S-NFTs go beyond music royalties — artists can offer exclusive tickets, merch, events, additional non-security NFT drops and more to their investor community.

Who is Republic
Republic curates private investment opportunities with high-growth potential for individual and accredited investors. Since its inception in 2016, they have raised over $500 million for hundreds of projects. Notable companies that Republic has worked with include SpaceX and Robinhood.

Their platform offers a wide range of curated investment opportunities from tech startups, real estate, video games, and cryptocurrency companies. Republic stands out with its expertise in the crypto industry.

“Combining crypto with music in the way that Opulous does, was a natural fit for us”, says Britt Cambas, Republic’s director of New Products. “Music as an asset class has traditionally been unavailable to the general public, especially retail investors. Adding music investing to Republic’s platform aligned perfectly with our mission of bringing power and profit to more people.”

A great fit for Opulous
It’s not just the legal expertise that makes Republic a good match for Opulous. They have gained a hard-earned reputation as a well-loved fundraising platform. Hundred thousands of users have made investments through them.

“Even though we are establishing a name for ourselves in the crypto industry, we want to go beyond the crypto crowd,” says Opulous CEO Lee Parsons. “It’s music lovers and retail investors that we want to reach. Republic has a huge audience that fits with the profile that we want to offer our Music S-NFTs to.”

How to buy S-NFTS
Our S-NTF offerings by Lil Pump and KSHMR will be announced soon, together with a detailed guide on how to invest on Republic.

Just as we will supply you with other necessary information to make a successful investment. This will include topics such as how to receive the S-NFTs in your Algorand wallet, how the reporting on royalties will be conducted, and how Opulous will take care of the royalty payments.

We are very excited about these recent developments and even more about what the future will bring. We would like to thank our community again, you are the ones that encourage us to do our best every day!

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Opulous offers music copyright NFTs and DeFi loans for musicians and have fans invest in them.

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Opulous offers music copyright NFTs and DeFi loans for musicians and have fans invest in them.