You secured your first S-NFT! Here’s what’s next!

The S-NFT of Mona Lisa by Lil Pump & Soulja Boy SOLD OUT within 2 hours. Incredible! To everyone who made an investment — thank you and congratulations. You’re now a lucky S-NFT holder!

But what does the after-sale process look like? And when can you expect the NFT to land in your My Algo Wallet? Read on.

Finalizing the investment
When you finish the investment process on Republic, it will be officially committed. The S-NFT is a Reg CF securities offering registered on the SEC. This will require Republic to finalize the investments following the close of the sale.

*Update November 16th: the sale has been finalized by Republic!

You can always check the status of your investment in your portfolio at

Receiving your S-NFT
Once Republic has finalized the S-NFT investments, we will start minting the tokens. This will take three weeks to do.

Through the My Algo Wallet you have submitted during the sale, you will be able to claim your NFT on the Opulous website.

You will be able to claim them in the second week of December. We’ll update everybody on the Claim Date through our social channels.

It’s important to note that these Music S-NFTS are under securities laws, and these regulations prevent the token from being traded within the first 12 months. After this lockup period, you’ll be able to trade your tokens on the Opulous platform, where anyone can buy and sell S-NFTs. Our NFT exchange is set to launch in 2022.

NFT artwork
If you were one of the first to invest, you will also receive an exclusive NFT artwork as a bonus. These artwork NFTs are of the ASA type. We’ll send them out together with the S-NFT to the My Algo Wallet you submitted. It’s important to mention that the Artwork NFTs can be freely traded.

Revenue payout
As the track racks up streams on services like Spotify and Apple Music, royalty shares will flow to Opulous and then back to the rights holders (that’s you!).

The second revenue stream this track will generate comes from publishing. Our S-NFTs include full publishing rights to Mona Lisa. When the song gets played on the radio, in a TV show, a movie, or used in a video game, the money will go to the publishing rights holders — or in our case, the NFT holders!

Payouts will be made to your My Algo Wallet automatically every quarter. The payments will be done in USDC. The My Algo Wallet is the only wallet we support, so make sure to set it up so that it can accept USDC. Follow this guide here for more info on that.

In Q1 of 2022, investors will be able to connect their My Algo Wallet to the Opulous website and view their full royalty reports.

Staking $OPUL
If you were staking 1,000 OPUL tokens or more, you might have won a Golden Ticket to get early access to the sale.

We want to make everyone aware that you can continue staking after #MonaLisaWeek. By staking OPUL you are earning more OPUL tokens. The APYs are quite high, so it’s a great and easy way of increasing your bag. You can find all our active pools here.

Next to APY staking, we also have the NFTrade pool where you can earn special benefits and prizes. We will be announcing new ones soon, so it’s good to keep your OPUL there. The more rewards you earn (in xOPUL), the more chances you have to claim prizes.

We strive to give you the best customer experience possible when buying an Opulous NFT. We would love to hear about your experiences and how we can improve. Please join our Telegram channel to share your insights.

In regards to the S-NFT sale:



Opulous offers music copyright NFTs and DeFi loans for musicians and have fans invest in them.

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Opulous offers music copyright NFTs and DeFi loans for musicians and have fans invest in them.