How to Get Early Access to the KYLE ‘It’s Not So Bad’ MFT Sale

2 min readMay 6, 2022

As usual, we’ll be giving the Opulous Community the chance to get exclusive EARLY ACCESS to our upcoming MFT sale for Kyle’s awesome new album It’s Not So Bad.

Early access to the sale will be available from Friday May 13th through Wednesday June 1st — but you’ve got to be in it to win it!

You can sign-up for pre-sales until Thursday May 12th at midnight UTC. Presale access emails will be sent on Friday, May 13th.

Want to get involved?

Keep reading for all the essential info and act fast to make sure you don’t miss out!

How to apply for Early Access

1. Sign up for a Wefunder account with your email.

2. Apply for early access to the KYLE MFT Sale here

To enter, you’ll need:

  • Contact details including your Wefunder Email address
  • Screenshots showing proof of OPUL tokens

3. Emails will be selected using a verified randomizing tool.

4. Winners will be contacted via email and granted early access before the sale begins.

We’ll be giving away a grand total of 250 early access tickets to OPUL holders with no maximum initial participation. You’ll need to meet the entry requirements to be considered for early access — so check those out below.

Winners will be contacted via email on May 12th and we’ll be sharing updates on socials.

Remember, the best way to stay up to date is by following all our socials.

Early Access Entry Requirements

  • You’ll need to prove you are staking, holding, or providing liquidity with OPUL using a compatible wallet, platform and participating in one of our options below.
  • Holding (custodial wallet): Huobi, Kucoin, LA Token, BitMart, Ascendex, Gate & MEXC
  • Holding (non-custodial wallet): MetaMask (ERC20), Pera Wallet (ASA), My Algo (ASA) & Trustwallet (ERC20)
  • Staking: Algofi, Huobi, KuCoin, NFTrade
  • Providing Liquidity examples: XCAD Dex (ZIL), Algofi (ASA), Pact (ASA), Tinyman (ASA) & Uniswap (ERC20)
  • For every 100 tokens, you get one entry into the contest — up to a maximum of 300 entries. So you’ll need a minimum of 100 OPUL tokens to participate, and our contest cut-off is 30,000 OPUL tokens.
  • That means, if you’re holding 30,000 tokens, you’ll be entitled to the maximum amount of entries for prize eligibility.
  • If you hold ASA, ETH, or BSC versions of OPUL in your wallets, you’re eligible to enter the competition.
  • Find out how to buy OPUL Tokens here:

If you’re eligible, make sure to get your entry in ASAP and don’t miss out! As always, keep an eye on our socials for all the latest.

And don’t forget to leave a clap here for us here on Medium if you love what we do!









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