How to receive your Mona Lisa MFT and Artwork NFT

4 min readMay 11, 2022

So you were lucky enough to grab one of Lil Pump’s Mona Lisa MFTs? Congrats! We’ve been working hard to make the MFT distribution process as smooth and secure as possible. And it’s now time to claim.

As you’re probably aware, we recently changed the name of our signature tokens from S-NFT to MFTs (Music Fungible Tokens). But nothing else has changed.

The tokens will not change their mechanics and they’re still compliant with the SEC. If you missed our announcement last week, you can learn more about MFTs here.

Ready to claim your Mona Lisa MFT and Artwork NFT? Here’s how it works.

How to claim your Mona Lisa MFT

IMPORTANT: Before you can get started, you’ll need to make sure you’re holding at least 0.302 ALGO in the wallet that’s set to receive your MFT and Artwork NFT.

Learn how to buy Algorand here and then transfer to your Pera Wallet or My Algo Wallet.

Step by Step Guide:

1 — Head over to the Opulous Dashboard and verify your email address.

2 — You will then receive a one-time verification code. Enter this code in the Opulous Dashboard to continue.

3 — Once verified, you’ll need to connect your wallet. If you are one of a small number of buyers who haven’t yet provide your tax ID, you will also need to provide your foreign tax ID.

4 — You’ll then be redirect to a page where you can opt in and securely claim your Mona Lisa MFT

5 — And that’s it! Your MFT is on its way.

Once you’ve opted in, it may take up to 72 hours for Securitize to register your information and issue the token to your wallet.

Need more help? Check out our guide!

How to claim your Mona Lisa Artwork NFT

Once you’ve secured your Mona Lisa MFT, it’s time to claim the exclusive Artwork NFT you bagged in our sale with Lil Pump & Soulja Boy.

The Artwork NFT you receive will depend on the amount you participated — and you’ll need to complete a few more quick steps to receive it.

Your Artwork NFT will be available to claim on your Opulous Dashboard up to 1 week after you’ve opted in for your MFT.

Here’s how it works.

1 — Log into your Opulous Dashboard, look for the notification about your Artwork NFT and opt in.

2 — Once you’ve opted in, we’ll automatically transfer the Artwork NFT to your wallet.

Easy at that — don’t forget to set your Mona Lisa Artwork NFT as your Twitter profile pic and shout about it on socials!

UP NEXT: Full album MFT sale from KYLE

In case you missed it — our unmissable MFT sale for KYLE’s new album It’s Not So Bad is set for June 1st.

Learn more about our KYLE MFT sale here.

This is the first ever full album MFT sale, which means you’ll earn rewards whenever ANY track from the album generates rewards from streaming, sync, publishing and more.

It’s Not So Bad is already a big hit — having landed in the Top 10 Albums Debut Spotify Charts with over seven million streams in its first week. So don’t miss out on a piece of the action!

As always, OPUL Holders have the chance to get exclusive EARLY ACCESS to the sale.

Find out how to apply for early access here.

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