Opulous announces ‘Patek Myself’ MFT sale and Artwork NFT Collection with Ard Adz

Ard Adz is a UK Rap heavyweight who has remained fiercely independent throughout his entire career, spanning over a decade. And now he is delighted to be the next Opulous artist to offer fans a share of his music ownership via Opulous.

With the recent rise of NFTs and their potential to disrupt virtually every industry, musicians are openly embracing the amazing perks that NFTs offer, especially in music and entertainment.

And while we’re on the road to reshaping the music industry, as always, the #OPULFAM remains our foundation. That means we are extending EARLY ACCESS to our sale if you’re currently holding or staking OPUL.

This will be a very special campaign for the entire Opulous community, as Ard Adz will be the first of TWO upcoming sales. Following Ard Adz, we’re launching our next MFT sale featuring KYLE in April 2022. To celebrate, we are dropping mind-blowing perks with our first-ever generative artwork NFTs.

Hailing from London’s famed Brixton rap scene, Ard Adz is known for blending the lyrical style of hip-hop’s golden age with the sounds and flows of his home city. His debut album, Adam, dropped in 2018, landing on the Official Indie Album Breakers Chart.

The following year, Ard Adz rocked streaming platforms with his notable singles “Saudi” and “Habibti,” which went viral, garnering millions of YouTube views. Currently, “Habibti” has an impressive 21M Spotify streams and counting.

Ard Adz has enjoyed over 100M streams worldwide, and “Patek Myself” could only add fuel to the fire. The entire team at Opulous is incredibly excited about our partnership with Ard Adz, as we hope that he serves as inspiration for more artists to take the next step with MFTs to enrich their careers.

“I’ve been a fiercely independent artist throughout my career, turning down too many label offers to remember. But I love this opportunity through Opulous to share ownership with my fans rather than give it over to a label. And then, being able to work with the NFT buyers to help push my release is a really exciting part of it.” — Ard Adz

Ard Adz “Patek Myself” MFT Sale

Our upcoming MFT sale features Ard Adz’ exclusive new track “Patek Myself” and is set to launch on Thursday, March 31st! Which means — if you’ve been eagerly waiting for the opportunity to jump in on our next sale, this is your moment!

We are making it easy for everyone to enjoy music ownership alongside their favorite artists through sharing music copyright revenue. Once you purchase the MFT and the single is released on streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and even Tik Tok, you earn a portion of the song’s royalty revenue together with Ard Adz.

The higher your investment amount, the larger the share of music royalties you own.

Here is the breakdown for the upcoming sale:

  • The sale will go live on Thursday, March 31st via our partner site, Wefunder
  • Music MFT: Ard Adz “Patek Myself” (single)
  • Campaign Amount: USD $50,000
  • Bonus perks: Generative Art NFTs featuring perks by Opulous, including experiences and exclusive merchandise
  • $OPUL staking benefits: Early access to the sale
    Early Access: Monday, March 28th through Wednesday, March 30th
  • Sale starts: Thursday, March 31st @ 6PM UTC

We will be posting another blog on the DAY OF THE SALE updated with LIVE INFORMATION, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for news from the Opulous team!

Introducing Opulous Generative Art NFTs

We want to keep reinventing the wheel at Opulous, so we came up with a bespoke generative artwork NFT program for artists to offer amazing perks to their fans in various rarity tiers.

These artwork collections can go hand-in-hand with each MFT campaign, creating even more hype for artists.

Our generative NFTs are yet another unique feature of the Opulous ecosystem for artists and investors alike. We use an algorithmic process to create one-of-a-kind artwork defined by individual items within the image, such as accessories, clothing, and other personal elements, so each artwork will be unique.

In fact, we are working with some of the hottest digital art design teams in the world to craft our inspiring NFTs, which can be included as a bonus perk for investors during our MFT sales. In addition, the remainder of the collection can be offered to collectors via our upcoming NFT launchpad.

The Ard Adz NFT Collection

Along with our ARD ADZ MFT sale, we are proud to launch our VERY FIRST GENERATIVE ARTWORK COLLECTION, built on the Algorand blockchain!

Our Generative Artwork NFTs come fully loaded with amazing perks and are designed to take each fan’s journey to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. Perks include incredible fan experiences such as tickets to headline shows, customized speakers, one-on-one Zoom calls, and even studio hangout sessions with Ard Adz!

As part of a 500 piece collection, 192 of the Ard Adz NFT Collection will be available during the MFT sale, based on the investment amount. These exclusive NFTs will be offered on a first-come-first-serve basis, with the details outlined below. As for the rest of the collection, it will be available for purchase on our website in Q2.

Check out some of the fantastic perks our NFT packages offer:

Common NFT Artwork

Rare NFT Artwork

Super Rare NFT Artwork

Ultra Rare NFT Artwork

This is only a taste of what we offer during one of our MFT campaigns. Our generative NFTs offer value to both the artist as well as their fans and investors. As an artist’s career unfolds, so does the value of your NFT artwork!

Early access: how it works

We’re giving OPUL holders early access to our upcoming MFT sale from Monday, March 28th through Wednesday, March 30th! You will be able to sign-up for pre-sales until Sunday night (March 27th) at midnight UTC, and presale access emails will be sent on Monday, March 28th.

To join, all you need to do is prove you are staking, holding, or providing liquidity with OPUL using a compatible wallet and participating in one of our options below.

Click here to submit for early access to the Ard Adz MFT Sale

Entry Requirements

  • Anyone that has $OPUL is eligible to participate in early access. You can join either by holding, staking, or adding liquidity with $OPUL as long as you can prove you are currently holding it in your wallet or show proof it is presently being staked.
  • For every 100 tokens, you get one entry into the contest — for a maximum of 100 entries. So you’ll need a minimum of 100 OPUL tokens to participate, and our contest cut-off is 10,000 OPUL tokens.
  • That means, if you’re holding 10,000 tokens, you’ll be entitled to the maximum amount of entries for prize eligibility.
  • If you hold ASA, ETH, OR BSC versions of OPUL in your wallets, you’re eligible to enter the competition.
  • Find out how to buy OPUL Tokens here: https://bit.ly/how2buyOPUL

Follow our easy guide below to get started:

1. Sign up for a Wefunder account with your email.

2. Submit your entry via this form

To enter, you’ll need:

  • Contact details, including your Wefunder Email address
  • Screenshots showing proof of OPUL tokens

3. Emails will be selected using a verified randomizing tool.

4. Winners will be contacted via email and granted early access before the sale begins.

We are rewarding 100 early access tickets to OPUL holders with a maximum initial investment of $200 each that can be changed to $5000 once the official sale is live. Winners will be contacted via email on Monday, March 28th, and we’ll be sharing updates on socials.

As always, the best way to track all our news is by watching our social media channels.

Make sure not to miss a beat as we inch closer to the Ard Adz sale next Thursday, 31st March.

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